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    Thank you for all the responses and the good advice. I do have a good hair salon stylist and he did tell me to come back I just did not know if it was too soon still. I am eager to stop wearing my wig, even though I get many compliments. People don't even believe its a wig!!

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    Hair has been growing back in since August. Is it okay to color hair? Can you do anything to shape up hair at this stage?

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      I colored my hair 4 months after stopping chemo. I didn't ask anyone for advice, and loved my color. I didn't need any shaping for a long time as it was very curly, so it looked cute just the way it grew. I did brush it forward after washing. After it grew a bit longer, gel and paste became my friends. For shaping, something like 7 months into it I went to a regular hair salon, explained that I wanted minimum shaping as I was trying to grow my hair after chemo, and that it had taken m that long to grow hair to that length. I also gave specific instructions (and still do), to only cut the lower back and shape around my ears. I had a little bit of the bc patient mullet going on, from my reluctance to touch my hair.
      I had nice thick hair before chemo, and it came back nice and thick AND super curly (only kinda wavy before). I think my using monoxidil (non branded rogaine) for a month one month after chemo ended helped a lot. I got tired of the curly hair and got a Brazilian blowout, not sure I recommend that as the stuff they put on your hair that you end up inhaling is toxic...nd a carcinogen (but XXX my hair looked good lol).
      Anyway, maybe because of the monoxidil my hair was ok to be dyed. It didn't fall or anything like that, and I was happy with the results (I used 20% peroxide, so went dark, didn't want to go up to 40% with my new hair). One thing about chemo, I got a lot of new gray hair. My chemo, 4 cycles of AC, followed by 4 cycles Taxotere/Herceptin dose dense (turns out the A is not needed in early BC, which is what pushed me into menopause. But I guess those results came too late for me).

      almost 9 years ago
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      I dyed my hair after an inch had grown back, while still on treatment. Had it cut to look more stylish. No problems.

      almost 9 years ago
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      When my hair started growing back I had it dyed it a very white, platinum blonde. It looks fabulous with short hair. My formerly straight hair came back curlier. I decided to keep it short which worked well with the curl. So easy to take care of and it looks both chic and edgy.

      almost 9 years ago
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