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    marthalar asked a questionNon-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)

    After RCHOP and speen removal for Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma I got only a partial response.

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      There are more options than simply R-CHOP. Was that your primary treatment or was it a salvage regimen? As to salvage regimens, one of the most common is called "ICE" but it is rather horrible, being given in-patient.

      There is also Bendamustine-Rituxan, which has been very effective in many cases. There are also any number of clinical trials that could save you the risk of a transplant. www.clinicaltrials.gov

      One newer combination of older drugs is called TREC. It consists of Treanda (Bendamustine), Rituxan, Etoposide and Carboplatin. It was tried against both B-Cell NHL as well as Hodgkin's and was shown to be less toxic and pretty much as effective as ICE or R-ICE. It is given on an out-patient basis.

      In my case, i had two T-Cell Lymphomas. They were highly chemo-resistant. But two infusions of TEC (minus the Rituxan which is not effective against T-Cell lymphomas) eradicated two dozen tumors, spleen and mall intestine (Ileum) involvement. Not saying that you will receive such a response, but it is certainly worth asking about.

      Also, I would strongly suggest that you have the pathology on your last biopsy reviewed at a major cancer center or university hospital. Mistakes are still made in identifying various lymphomas. It is essential that you are certain of the sub-type you have.

      The last thing you need is a chemo regimen that is destroying your body while pretty much leaving the cancer alone.

      i suggest both a second opinion and treatment if possible at a National Cancer Institute designated comprehensive cancer center. In the US, find the nearest such facility here:

      3 months ago
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      I agree with po18guy. I was diagnosed in Feb 2018 with non Hodgkins, double hit (aggressive) lymphoma, stage 4 with bone marrow involvement. Went through 2 rounds of chemo R-CHOP and R-EPOCH and cancer still there. Because I had now failed 2 forms of therapy I asked about clinical trials and found I was eligible for immunotherapy treatment (CAR-T) at Stanford, here in California. I finished that treatment in December 2018 and am now in remission.
      You have to ASK. And ask again. There are clinical trials out there and there is also 'standard of care' - which means that you are eligible for the new immunotherapy if 2 other methods have failed. Google 'immunotherapy for lymphoma' and do check the cancer center website.
      We've all been where you are now and are sending you best wishes and the courage to fight!

      3 months ago
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      Thank you for your responses. They are very helpful. This al started three years ago as an indolent splenic marginal zone lymphoma and was responsive to Rituxan but after a very serious bout of anemia it transformed into DLBCL and 6 rounds of RChop there was no sign of it on PET/CT scans but the spleen remained huge. Subsequently the spleen was removed and feel great after the surgery but the biopsy of the spleen showed DLCBL was still present. a followup PET/CT again showed nothing. Not anxious for stem cell if there are other choices

      3 months ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (rituxan, RCHOP)

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