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    Thanks for the information. Just finish my frist week of exteran radiation therapy on my right. Should i been tired after my treatment my last day of treatment is dec.17.i. have an appt. To g see my enddcrinology for my thyroid. I been taking synthroid 150 mg. Has anyone. Experience. Weight gain on the synthroid.

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    Just started my external radiation therapy has anyone had this type radiation therapy

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      I agree with the others. It's painless during the treatment and it often takes longer to get you lined up for the treatment than the actual treatment takes. I am not sure of the side effects for your type of cancer but I would discuss that with your doctor or nurse. Also, the effects are cumulative so the first couple you won't have and side effects but they gradually come or might not at all. Also, even the week following, the cumulative effects will still be there. My worst side effects occurred the week after I completed my course.

      As a way to get through it, I did a count down till I was finished. I had 28 treatments so I put $28 in an envelope in my car. The hospital I went to had free valet service for patients getting treatment. I would tip the valet $1 each treatment. It's a really good feeling to see that wad of bill go down and taking the last one out was the best feeling ever.

      One last thing to note. Some people are really bothered by side effects and need to take a break for a day or two. If this happens to you, don't see it as a sign you are not doing well. Lots of people need breaks and it is just part of the process.

      Good luck! I just got released from my radiation oncologist!

      about 10 years ago
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      I've had radiation and chemo with my first two bouts with cancer, the last time, 3rd I only had radiation. I will take radiation anytime over chemo, as far as comparing the side effects. Chemo knocked me in the dirt, sick all the time. Radiation made me have sores in my mouth and killed my saliva glands and now my teeth are falling apart, but still, it's much better than the chemo. As far as being easier, that is.

      about 10 years ago
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      Just finished a round of five treatments on tumors on my brain. Ive got a few days left to worry about swelling (scar tissue) but all in all I found it remarkably easy.
      Of course I was scared to death that Id move but other then that stress and not even allowing myself to swallow during the treatment I needed reminding how serious my condition was.

      And Im the kinda guy who has actively avoided radiation exposure in the past like the plague. Stay positive, think positive and positive things will happen.

      about 10 years ago
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    Hello my name is Mary and i also have thyroid cancer and strated. Taking synthroid about. Two weeks have you had any bad side effect.

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    Hi my name is mary i have thyroid cancer. I strated taking synthroid and calcitriol. Have had any bad experience with synthroid

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    maryjane asked a questionThyroid Cancer

    Iam taking this medicine for my thyroid synthroid 0.125mg calcitriol 0.25 i been. On it for 5 days.my question.

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      yes ive had allot of problems with synthroid ( headache, nervousness, irritability sleeplessness, heat intolerance)

      over 9 years ago
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      Hi there;
      Yes I am still trying to be regulated with synthroid since my surgery dec. 2,2011. I was on the calcitrol the same dose as you prior to surgery. No one can tell me now if I need to be on it or not. I was up to 300mcg of synthroid and endo dr took me back down to 250 mcg 3 weeks ago and I don't feel good at this dose, I have alligator skin, loss of hair, nails are weird,I am so fatigued and extremely tired all the time. i have no get and go or no reve as they say. I am hoping CTCA can help me with this or a mix of thyroid when I get there in a couple of weeks.

      over 9 years ago
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      I take levithyroxid and it is generic for synthroid and I have been on that 125mcg dose for months without any problems. Make sure you take your calcium pills. Calcitriol should be fine I would think, it's a form of Vitamin D.

      almost 9 years ago
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