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    Hello and thank you for providing a source for those who have loved ones in trouble with cancer.
    My dear young friend has had brain cancer reoccur and told it is inoperable. She is a single mom, and I want to find a way to raise significant donations to provide for her 11 year old son's future. Her only family are elderly parents (living on a very tight fixed income) and an estranged sister (who for whatever reasons, will not be involved). There is no contact with the father (they were never married and he never contributed any child support), and he would not be able to provide financial support anyway.
    I have some bold ideas for raising donations (had a successful fundraiser two years ago in our small town for this little family of two).
    I learned last time that a nonprofit 301C foundation is necessary in order to receive large donations (which are then tax deductible for the donors and that makes the gifting more desireable).
    I am overwhelmed with a job that has me traveling a lot... so I am seeking a kind hearted attorney who is familiar with setting up nonprofits... to submit the paperwork quickly and get a foundation set up. I can put you in touch with the elderly parents to administer the foundation.... and I will help them with those duties as needed.
    Then I will do all the fundraising planning and execution. We could pay an attorney fee after donations are raised, if necessary, but there is no money available in advance for this work, so I'm hoping it can be volunteered.
    Please everyone.... help me with ideas so that I can help this deserving mom and son. I fear the young boy will lose his mother in the near future.
    Thanks so much for any and all ideas!

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    Oh No (Money): My close friend has learned her brain cancer is back and inoperable.

    I had a big fundraiser in our community to help this young single mother and her son cover living expenses for a year.

    Now I want to have a bigger fundraiser and realize I need help setting up a 301C quickly, so that large donations are possible (giving the donor a tax write off).

    I'm looking for an attorney or fundraiser with experience who would donate their time to set up a nonprofit foundation, to raise money for my friend's 11 year old son, so that he has a trust fund to provide for his education. This really needs to happen quickly, so if you have any ideas, please respond to this request for help.

    Thank you so much!!!

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      I am so sorry to hear this news. But it's wonderful that you are doing all you can to help your friend and her son. I am sure others will weigh in, but I have some suggestions:

      1) Local banks will sometimes help with setting this up, so you might want to contact either your bank or your friend's bank.

      2) There are online fundraising tools, such as Give Forward: http://www.giveforward.com - several WhatNext-ers have used them with success. They provide you with a fundraising coach who guides you every step of the way.

      3) Contact the American Cancer Society at the phone number listed at the bottom of this page. I am sure they will have a recommendation as to how to most efficiently get this started.

      Please keep us posted and know that you, your friend and her son are in our thoughts and prayers.

      almost 10 years ago
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