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    Celebration (Remission): Having been diagnosed three times with recurrent ovarian cancer and been through surgeries, chemo, poking,prodding and all the residual effects that chemo has on your body, I am once again rejoicing that it is over. Having cancer rocks your world and no one but a person hearing that terrifying news can intimately comprehend what impact it has and will have on your life. I believe that everything has a purpose and is a learning experience, so I feel my lesson in all of this is to be there for others, being able to say the word "cancer" when no one else will for fear that they will upset you (no one can be anymore upset than hearing that you have cancer!) and to be the support that anyone needs (patient or family). It devastates me to hear, too often, how many peope's lives are impacted by this disease. Namaste.

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      Glad to hear you are in remission, how long was it between your recurrences? I am in my first recurrence, I was cleared for about 6 months, I am soon starting radiation and another round of chemo. It is amazing how much this effects lives, it's hard to talk about cancer with people who don't have it, that's why i like this forum. Good to hear about others experiences.

      about 9 years ago