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    Has anyone used Cleaning for a Reason cleaning services for cancer patients?

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      I'm an oncology nurse and I recommend it all the time, but there are not enough agencies to accommodate all the time. I hope your company enrollsin the program.

      14 days ago
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      I had applied and when they finally called, I was so sick that I couldn't follow through with what was needed to actually get the cleaning done.

      14 days ago
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      I have seen a few people post here that they had used it, and liked it.

      14 days ago
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    Do you find that it's terribly hard to wake up in the mornings? I don'e know if it's fatigue layover or what.

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      @MerryMaid, are you still getting treatments? Fatigue is very real and caused by many of our treatments. It seems really odd, I know, but believe it or not, exercise will help the fatigue go away. Or lessen anyway.

      Be sure you are hydrated, too.

      And, is it possible you might be depressed? Depression can definitely cause severe fatigue.

      Don't forget, though. Our bodies are fighting HARD - against the cancer, against any treatments you might be getting ... fatigue can be and is very normal.

      about 1 month ago
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      with all your body has been through, it needs extra sleep to recover. I found that for 3-4 months after treatments, I slept in until 9 every morning or later. That was not me. I was used to getting up every day at 5 while I was working. When It looked like I was starting to recover, I set an alarm to wake up a little earlier each day. Exercise, no matter how little definitely helps. For some of us, it just takes time.

      about 1 month ago
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      I think the consensus is that your not alone, it is more of a mental tiredness with me..I don't sleep well during the night because my brain is never shutting off from thinking patterns telated to my disease, never was a morning person but even worse now..

      about 1 month ago
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    Question: Mobile app?

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    Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. I noticed an article here on the blog page about suicides in cancer patients. It's everywhere and we need to do our part to try to recognize those who are quietly suffering so we can help them.

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      My wife and I just talk about this on how I understand how they could get to that and how if it could be seen before they take that way how great it could but recognize those who are quietly suffering is very hard unless you see them or talk to them every day...

      2 months ago