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    Have any of you used CBD oil to pain? Does it work?

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      I had a friend/customer suggest I try it, he gave me a small vile of it and I tried it once. I couldn't tell that I had taken anything. But, my body is a little strange, I have a high resistance to most things that I take.

      3 days ago
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      I've tried CBS oil for osteoarthritis pain and anxiety. I couldn't see that it did much of anything. I know other people who swear by it.

      3 days ago
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      CBD oil can be used for light pain and relaxation. It is very good for people with epilepsy in controlling some kind of seizures.

      My palliative care doctors had me read a long book about all of the various forms of marijuana and what they do. It is called Stoned. It was a good and informative book! You can find it on Amazon if you are curious. I like it because it was written by a doctor trying to help his patients it and he does a lot of research.

      I am not taking anything now, but if I had to choose something for pain and to eat I would probably use an edible that has precise dosing info on it. It's possible to get a few different strengths and flavors that are packages precisely, plus has the added benefit of not giving my kids the wrong idea about medication. The only reason I'm not taking it right now is because I have a brain met and I'm afraid I might accidentally mask a symptom my doctor needs to know about now.

      2 days ago
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    I guess it all depends on your point of view and your state of mind at the time. You can be negative or positive or even both in any given day.

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    ringing and buzzing noise in your ears

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      I think that I hear you. My hearing isn't that great-according to hearing tests-but hearing aids magnify the tinnitus. I tell my ENT- why spend thousands so the buzzing is louder.

      10 days ago
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      My husband has loud ringing in his ears since finishing Cisplatin chemo treatments for his tongue cancer. His oncologist says hopefully it will lessen over time.

      9 days ago
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      I have had it for a long, long time. I can't remember if I had it before chemo or not, but definitely since. I generally tune it out but like now, because we are talking about it, I hear it loud and clear. I usually tell people it keeps me company because it is constant and loud. I am sure it makes my hearing worse - people have to compete with the ringing in my ears.

      You might be able to get some anti-anxiety meds. It won't help with the tinnitus, but it might help calm your nerves enough to deal with it and be able to sleep.

      7 days ago
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