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    mexibeauty43 asked a questionColorectal (Colon) Cancer

    well my question is were or how am i able to receive a colonscopy, I have no medical insurance, cant afford to the pay the full price of 1

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      Hi..also you can contact the Colon Cancer Alliance...they are wonderful!!!

      Good luck :)

      about 9 years ago
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      if you are near a teaching hospital or medical college...many offer clinics, based on sliding scale. You might have to go through the ER of that hospital to get an appt. but from my experience with teaching hospitals...it was fantastic care, newest of all screenings and affordable.

      about 9 years ago
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      Keep looking don't give up I have also heard of alot of places that are either free or at a very reduced rate. Also like they have said a teaching hospt. Get ahold of the billing dept and ask them where you could start at to get some help. My hospt has been nothing but wonderful with test that the ins. is giving them crap on and are just covering it from my spend down which doesn't sound like much but its over a grand a month. Good Luck keep fighting!!

      about 9 years ago
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    Loss (Lost loved one): I have a story for you back in 2000, my aunt rachel found her self sitting in a jail cell for commenting a crime that she could of prevent, but instead she found herself locked up in a prison cell, while in prison she was diagnosied with colon cancer stage 3, she had been blooding for sometime by this time but never said anything to anyone, not even her grown adult children, she was lucky in one way those her daughter found for her mother last few months of freedom to beable to take her mother home were she was able to take care of her til she passed away at home she was 50yrs old past away.

    My father has had serveral of his male cousin pass on cause of colon cancer, and as well as my father he was told back in 2004 that he had stage 3 colon rectual cancer, he had been bleeding for sometime, and so back in sept 20 2009 my father past on of colon cancer.. Seening my father go through this terriable illness.. cancer takes it toll on the whole family, and taking care of him at home til his passing was the most hardest heartbreaking experience ive every gone through, throughout the five yrs of three mayor sugerys, in and out of the hosiptal, rationan, cemotheropy, infection after infections, iv. antiobiotics, pain pills, to pain patchs, to changing is colonoscopy bag, and seening him slipping away to the point he didnt even know who i was anymore, that was the morphine taking over his mind body and soul.. when i speak of my father and remembering the kind of man he was, he was a man who worked hard, a man who built a foundation for his wife, children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, one who is still around us everyday, who every so often comes to me in my dreams..

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