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    Had radical prostectomy on March 21rst. Feel great and so far cancer free. Recuperation is slow but steady. Thanks God I was a able to find a great surgeon.

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    For a Gleason score of 6, what is the best possible treatment which leads to less side effects?

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      Hey Mike . You don't want to hear this,but there is best treatment....with the least amount of side effects, it is really a chap shoot ...it differs from person to person ...I had a Reason 6 and after my surgery ...the slides revealed a 7 .... I was fine for four months PSA less than 0.1 then it started to rise.. and now I'm getting radiation (external beam) to ry to reverse it ...I had Robotic surgery by Dr.Patel in celebration ...I know three guys personally that did the same thing and all are fine... You are 10 yrs younger if you are in fairly good shape ..you should be fine as far as ED goes... I healed am totally continent..still have some ED issues but it is improving ...could take up to 24months for that to really come back... The only thing I heard over and over is if you do radiation first and it does not solve the problem ...surgery is very hard afterwards cause the prostate tissue becomes like jelly and hard to remove .. I wish you luck I'm heyre if you want to talk .. Larry ..

      about 9 years ago
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    Oh No (Diagnosed): My urologist performed a prostate biopsy and the results were a gleason score of 6. I am consulting with radiologists and surgeons to determine the best possible treatment.

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      Have you made any decisions yet? You might want to check out this book as you are at such a young age and many of the standard procedures can have nasty side effects. I know, I have been fighting this for 10 years. Happy to chat or answer questions if I know the answer.
      My best to you and your family,


      almost 9 years ago
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