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    Drug or Chemo Therapy: Gemara with carboplatin left my blood counts dangerously low. They are still not In The normal range. Definitely not the ones for my quality of life but it's ok, it wasn't effecting the cancer anyway. :)

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      when i had BC in '94,, i too experienced a low blood count,, sometimes it was so low that the doctors wondered how i even got around, working etc. i remember after each chemo treatment,, i had a shot,, this shot was once a day for 10 days.. even on weekends or holidays. Then i had a day relief, then it was a chemo treatment,, the a round of shots, this lasted for about 9 mths! I hear now,, that the shot is only once, like the day after the chemo.
      even now,, 19+ yrs later,, my blood count is not up in the "normal" range.. but it's ok,, for me,, and the doctors ar ok with it.. i can still work,, have 2 jobs,, and do my own yard work, housework, etc.. Wishing you lots of luck,, God Bless,, june

      over 6 years ago
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    Skull metasteses

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      I have skull mets - no progression yet - they never say anything to me about them - If you are on any zometa make sure that is not causing any jaw issues. I hate knowing that mets are on my head. SO sorry for you. I live like MillieS . Dull aches. Hang in there and as usual ask the Doc everything you need to know.

      over 7 years ago
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      Hello Michelle,
      I am just one of the friends on this site. So far I have just had B/C. I just wanted to tell you there are many who will send prayers and hugs your .way. Do hope some time in the near future there will be a huge breakthrough in the research.Meanwhile we send our love take the best care of yourself you can. Just know that people care.

      about 7 years ago
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      Hi, I have Inflammatory Breast Cancer with mets to the spine and pelvic area. Can usually handle the pain but nights are worse. Wish I could help but I can offer prayers and hugs! Hang in there and continue the fight!

      about 7 years ago
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    Question: Skull metasteses

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    Celebration (Finished treatment): 2011