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    Side Effects (Infection): Got first chemo txTCHP on 1/24/17
    No redness no swelling no pain no tenderness no fever
    Thought chemo reaction. Got tachycardia Thursday. To infusion room for liter of fluid but still tachy. Sent to er got admitted 1/27 antibiotics started, labs came back staph aureaus blood infection from port placed1/18/2017. So port out 1/30 ( PICC line in for treatment and will stay in till port pocket heals)finally home 2/3. Had home infusion of antibiotics till 2/13.
    #2 chemo to 2/14 so far ok. What a wild ride.
    Hair going but that's nothing compared to the last 3 weeks.
    Just outing it out there, nothing is typical. Just if not feeling well speak up and be your advocate!!!

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      Oh my! So sorry you had to go through all that after your first chemo treatment. It must have been so scary for you. Sending big ((hugs)) your way and wishing you an easier time with the rest of your treatments.

      5 months ago
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      I'm so sorry you got off to such a bad start. I had the same experience so I can sympathize. I actually convinced my dr to let me leave my PICC line in for the duration of my treatment - which wasn't easy to live with/keep clean/keep dry, but made infusions a breeze. Good luck to you!

      5 months ago
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      Mickmca: I too landed in the hospital after my first chemo treatment. I'm sure it's not typical for most. The chemo was stopped in my case and I was put on hormone therapy instead. Sure glad that ride is over.

      5 months ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (Chemotherapy): First treatment with TDH&P (doxetaxel, carboplatin, trastuzubab and pertuzumab.
    Dose dependent on body mass numbers
    Took from 830 am till 4 pm because of loading dose with 2 of the 4 drugs.
    Port was great access, worked great.
    Premeditated with Ativan ( small dose and Benadryl )
    Took a restful nap.
    Had to premed mon-wed with steroids so a bit of wakeful buzz.(hard to sleep)
    Now just observing process of what comes next, without trying to overreact but still pay attention to signs of side effects.
    Thank all for the thoughts. Also helps to have varing personal experiences to be aware of.
    Again thanks!!!


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      So glad to hear that things went well for you. Remember to take plenty of time for yourself and rest. Good luck with your future treatments. Take care.

      6 months ago
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    Hi Mickmca15. I just signed up on this site today with a very similar diagnosis as yours. Haven't started treatment yet, but will be very soon. I saw you are starting your first chemo today and just wanted to wish you good luck and hope you have an easy time of it with no side effects.

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    Procedure or Surgery (Implant chemotherapy port)

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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (Chemotherapy): Starting chemo on 1/24/17
    Port to go in 1/18/2017

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