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    My grand puppy Cardi smiling. : ) She makes my heart happy. : )

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    I'm still here, thanks be to God.
    One day at a time.
    I'm thinking about going to Israel as a gift to myself on my birthday. I've always wanted to go. Spiritual journey. And this year is it!
    I'll keep you posted if I sign up for the tour. The last date to sign up is March 30th. Still thinking and praying about it.
    I'm also making a list of the things I wish to experience.
    All doable. I just have to plan them on my non-chemo week. Infusion is every other week now.
    Is anyone else being treated for Relapse of MM? If so, please share with me how you're doing. Thank you.

    And thank you for letting me share.

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    Decision Point (What will I do next? ): When I began treatment for relapse Myeloma in January 2018, I was told it would run through June 2019, a total of 18 months.
    Now, I am advised treatment must continue beyond that time with the goal to stay in remission.
    While I am so very thankful the treatment has worked to attain remission, I am wondering how long I wish to endure the side effects of chemo in order to stay in remission.
    The treatment has been modified to once a week infusion every other week, as opposed to twice a week for three weeks in a row and one week of rest. The modification of treatment is par for the course. It was expected. But ongoing treatment beyond 18 months was not expected.
    So, it is decision time.
    I have to decide if it is ok for the quality of my life to be impaired moderately by treatment, or stop treatment after June as originally planned.
    Praying about this as I breathe.
    Thank you for letting me share my thoughts.
    Your feedback is appreciated.

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      If I may add, the use of the word moderate to describe the impairments I currently experience is just my way of staying positive through it all.
      It's more challenging than I want to admit out loud.
      I am fighting back.

      2 months ago
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      I'm at a decision point now too. Should I have the transplant now or not. I hate feeling sick. Five years in and having tried every oral drug... Bridgett [email redacted]

      about 20 hours ago
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    I bought a My Calm blanket two weeks ago and I have to say it's helped me to reach a deeper state of sleep. It took some time of adjustment, increasing its usage gradually each night, and the good news is it has contributed to achieving 6 hours of sleep.
    What is a Calm Blanket? It's a weighted blanket, and the weight of the blanket is determined by one's weight. My blanket is 20 pounds. There are lighter weight blankets. It comes with a detachable cover for washing and one can order extra covers in different colors. Just sharing this info in the event anyone needs a suggestion for help to sleep. It's become part of my sleep hygiene routine, which is a cup of chamomile tea, listening to an instrumental CD containing Scripture verses, and reading an inspirational book before calling it a night. Chemo has had its challenges, and getting proper rest is helping me function so much better. Thank you for letting me share. Love.

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    Speak life!

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      Once in English and once in Spanish or other language

      3 months ago