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    How can we nurses do better?

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      My biggest complaint with nurses is those who act like we are an inconvenience in them finishing their shift and going home. If you are not willing to act like we as patients are the most important thing in your life for that short period, or if working your shift makes you grumpy, ill tempered, etc....get a new job. One huge peve is to sit down for treatment, the nurse gets real close and all I smell is a Camel no filter. If you still smoke while giving cancer treatments, I just don't understand, but if you must, please make sure the patients don't smell you. After 23 years I still have two smells that trigger my mind and I go right back to the treatment chair. We are sensitive to smell, some of us, so please help. On the other side, 99% of my nurses have been great and I thank them for their service.

      over 9 years ago
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      I would echo the majority of what my peers have said. I had a nurse at a cancer center turn and walk away as I was explaining to her the reason for my agitation, (an extended wait time on my very first visit). One thing I might add is that family is a huge part of the equation, and they deserve the same respect as the patient, meaning involve them in the talks and the care. They live with this every bit as much as the patient without alot of the support sometimes. When I had my surgery to remove a portion of my colon, while I was still heavily medicated, they forced my wife to sleep in the waiting room for three nights. When the weekend crew came in it was a completely different attitude, they let her stay in the room, offered food and drink, and were overall much more accomodating, which in turn relieved a majority of my worries.

      over 9 years ago
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      Being an attentive, compassionate, down-to-earth, thoughtful human being is comforting to patients and their families.

      over 7 years ago
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    Hello, friends. I hope you don't mind me visiting your forum. Neither I nor a loved one are struggling with cancer at this time, however I'm a student nurse studying cancer and cancer therapy. It is wonderful to read your stories and see the personal, not the textbook, side of it. What do you think it's important for a nurse to know when caring for people who are dealing with cancer? What can a nurse do to give better help?

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