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    Oh No (Diagnosed)

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      Had trouble posting so, this may be a duplicate

      I had stage 3 adenocarcinoma diagnosed in July 2011. Five weeks of radiation (5 per week) and 6 weeks chemo (1 per week) with very few side effects. Trouble swallowing went away after second week of rad.

      Esophajectomy on 24 Oct and remained in hospital four days. Walking 5-6 times a day in hospital with eight tubes hanging out of me (yuck). NO pain after surgery except in one shoulder due to a chest drain pressing a nerve. Left hospital with one drain (in neck), a J-tube for liquid feeding, and lots of stitches/staples.

      Transitioned from liquid to solid food over 30 days and now eat everything. Just less due to smaller stomach. Weight went from 200 to 170 and now holding steady at about 173 (I'm 6'0 in) so this is a good weight. Most weight lost between diagnosis and end of rad/chemo.

      Pathology of esophagus and lymph nodes removed showed NO cancer remained. Radiation killed all of it.

      About a month ago, I had trouble swallowing some foods and it found that scar tissue was narrowing the new esophagus in one area. I have had three progressively larger dilitations (a balloon inserted into the section and left for about a minute to expand it). All is well now and may have no more such problems depending on how the heaing progresses. In can always have more dilitations if required. They are not bad.

      Do plenty of research AND HAVE A GOOD EXPERIENCED SURGEON. That's critical.

      If you have more questions as you move on, feel free to ask me.

      I found this a VERY educational experience.

      over 10 years ago
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