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    Welcome. As the others have said, we are here to support you, listen to you rant if needed, answer questions if we can.

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    Welcome Tracey, Hope you continue to heal from surgery. I also had bilateral mastectomies and DIEP flap reconstruction. Have always been very pleased with the results. If we can answer your questions or provide support in any way, just reach out.

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      Thank you so much...it is kind of scary, had three tumors so it’s a crap shoot at this point. Went back to work today and am exhausted. When does this get better?

      26 days ago
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    Question: FYI to my tribe!

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    I am so sorry you are struggling so much with treatment. Does your medical team know. The meds they can give are amazing. I hope your Drs can try something else or lower your dose of chemo. Wishing you some relief.

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    I hope we can answer questions, support you in many ways. This site has helped me thru others experiences.

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    Welcome Jg 1960. I hope we can provide support for you. If your Lymphedema has continued, I hope you can find someone trained in lymphatic massages. So helpful!! Please come here with your questions or just to vent.