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    Hey there,
    I had some really stinky experiences with Christians in my time, but who hasn't? It started as a young child, they were very pushy and forceful.
    But I had no idea Buddhists had missionaries & preached to no end to other people. I have a good friend who is Buddhist & she & the members of her temple are very subdued about things like that & never try to force their beliefs on others.
    We all have had different paths in life, haven't we?
    I really hope that this Flute gets some help, but just between us, I don't think she will leave this crazy preacher guy! So sad.
    Be healthy & happy!

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    Molly- Asian Buddhaist are the same way with missionaries and pressure. I was conflicted with Japan after WW II I'd see the monks mourning the lives of dead flies, mounds of them from DDT, yet I knew about the horrendous human civilian death toll in Manilla alone. I knew about the rape of Nanking by the Japanese.

    It's good that immigrants build temples and mosques to worship at, but it's naive to think that individuals of other religions don't proselytize. How do you think that Mongolians converted to Buddhaism and stopped being bloody warriors? Buddhaist missionaries. They are very proud of their missionary work.

    My brother converted to Buddhaism, and it's completely a non-issue between us.

    I think that you are a kind person-actually exceptionally nice-- I'm sorry if I insulted you. You certainly show your respect for core values.

    By the way-- Preach it, means you are Telling the truth by unchurched people-it's a fairly common thing here at community meetings

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    Loved your response in the Second Cancer question------ especially about the karmic cause/effect.
    I have felt that way for quite a while but don't think there are too many others here who are in accord.
    So I just thought I would say hello.
    By the way, I have had many episodes of cancer, I guess I have a lot to learn!!!

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