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    Will be seeing an oncologist on Tues. What do i need to expect?

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      I would also suggest to purchase a small calendar book just for your cancer treatments. I keep mine in my purse and note all appointments as they are made into it. It's a handy tool for noting your symptoms (nausea, temperature, unusual bm's, etc..) when you begin treatments, for jotting down questions as your treatments progress, and for keeping phone numbers associated with your cancer all in one place.

      Good luck and keep up the good fight!

      over 9 years ago
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      On my first visit to the oncologist she showed me the pet scan and explained what it showed. she told me where the cancer was and at what stage I was. she did explain to me that she could not cure me. I was stage 4 when I had my first visit. My oncologist was very honest with me and told me everything. At no time did I feel she was holding back. She went through what I could expect in the treatment and where to go for help with counceling, hair loss etc.
      Do not go in expecting a bomb to drop. If you have been scheduled to see an oncologist then you already know you have cancer. Keep your brain focused on what she/he is saying and what questions you have. Any thing you don't understand ask the doctor ot explain. When you get home or with a good friend, then you can cry, screem or whatever you feel like. I always need to write questions down that I have. Even now after several visits, I still write everything down for my next visit.
      Good luck. I hope your friends and family are as supportive as mine have been. It has helped me so much.

      over 9 years ago
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      Lot's of excellent answers. Defiantly take at least one other person with you, it is an overwhelming experience. Make sure you get contact information an e-mail and/or phone number so you can call with follow up questions, and you will have many of them. Your doctor will talk about your diagnoses, and your treatment plan. They will go over your pathology report(s), they will perform a breast exam. You haven't mentioned if you have had any other treatment - lumpectomy and/or radiation, but the two of you will go over your treatment to date. If your treatment is via infusion I would highly recommend you have a port inserted. Infusions are very rough on your veins, I start my infusions in May and need and finally had a port inserted in early of Aug. By that point my arms were all black and blue and my inserting the PIC line was very painful.

      over 9 years ago
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    thanks for all the responses! Wow it makes me feel so good to know Im not so weird after all LOL Hugs to all!

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      I'm glad you made it here. This site has helped me not feel so weird too! I love reading everyone's stories and opinions... strength in numbers!

      over 9 years ago
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    Thanks for the message. Dont really have anyone to talk with that truely understands. You lifted my day up!

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    momoolio asked a questionBreast Cancer

    My male friend seems to have pulled away from me since my diagnosis. Is this common cause it sure hurts!

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      I'm sorry that this is happening to you. When I was diagnosed and then had surgery, I realized who my true frirends were. I am so grateful for those people who went out of their way to help me care for my daughter, brought food, or even just sent cards or emails for support. Unfortunately, I also had to face the fact that some people on whom I would have liked to rely on for support offered little or no help. It was quite hurtful at times. It's hard to know why some people pull away during what is the most difficult times of our lives. Some people may be fearful or just don't know what they should say (I've heard them be referred to as "beautiful cowards") or do, and others may be too wrapped up in their own lives to help others in need. I hope that you have other friends and family on whom you can rely for support, and I would encourage you to be open with your friend about your feelings. He may not even realize what he is doing or how it is hurting you.

      Good Luck!

      over 9 years ago
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      I'm new to this but already I see this happening to me.In a strange way I kind of understand it.My true friends are with me and I get the felling that you higher power will get you what you need.Goodluck!

      over 9 years ago
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      Hi momoolio:
      I know this hurts but some people do not know how to deal with Cancer and it's hard. I am a breast cancer survior of 3 years. The people I thought for sure would be there for me were not and the ones I never dreamed of were. At the end I learned who was really my friend and who really did not care. Yes it hurts but you move one. I met the most amazing and loving people that I would never take back. Do not worry be happy and continue life. May be it was not ment to be.
      Hugs, Tania from Miami, Florida

      over 9 years ago
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    Hey i am in the early stage of my treatment. I underwent a mastectomy about three weeks ago. They removed 2 lymph nodes and found no obvious signs of cancer but after further testing they found some cancer cells. I will be seeing an oncologist on Sept 11th and am scared outta my mind. I think it would really help to talk with someone who is going through the same.