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    Went to my oncologist today. She does treat the side effects. I told her about this question and she asked me where do you live? She told me that here in Texas you can get breast cancer Medicaid. To help me with the lack of motivation she prescribed Ritalin. Since my GP does not agree she will continue writing the prescription. I knew she cared and it was shown today when she was upset at how many do not have doctors that treat the side effects.

    I hope you are doing better. I wish you lived close to Houston, Texas. There is one oncologist I KNOW who helps the whole person to have a better life.

    There is a test they can run on the tissue from the breast that was removed to diagnose if I will need to continue for 10 years or if I can stop hormone therapy after 5 years. Will let you know what I find out.


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      Hi Tuckercat, thanks for your post. I'm still struggling, but have cut down on prescriptions if they like it or not. I can't get any help such as ritalin or anything like that from any of my providers in western md. I do think it's wrong how many women I know who have applied for disability because of it, when they might be able to enjoy fuller lives other wise. I have stopped taking the hormone blockers because of it, after 2 1/2 years of taking them. At least my providers aren't pushing the issue, but I will always worry that it will come back, if I could get more support for the rest of my life, I might have continued to take them. I'm still working on trying to provide for myself, not only because I have to support my own self, but also in order to maintain a presence in the world, if I go on disability and quit trying to provide for my own self that would leave me rattling around here alone, and I don't want that. Let me know how that test comes out, and what it's called so I can ask my onc about that. Glad to hear from you girl, keep on trucking! Hugs!

      about 1 month ago
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    It's not a question, it's a rant!

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      I've participated in a few studies through WhatNext.com. I completed a 5 day diary in kind of a scrapbook form and it paid extremely well.The material was FedEX'd to me. I've been part of a webcam focus group and several weeks ago I completed an online survey. All paid well. When the check comes to your mailbox it will show a return Canadian address which could make some skeptical about the check. When you remove the check from the envelope you will see it is drawn on PNC Bank here in the states. I've never had a problem with any of my payments. Sometimes these clients are looking for very specific information for their research. All it takes is one answer to disqualify you and that question could be at the beginning or towards the end. There is always a quota in place for each survey. You did exactly what I did one day filling out a survey by taking a few breaks to do something else. I found that the time I spent away from the computer cost me because while I was doing something else others out there were working on their computers and completed the survey in one sitting. By the time I got back and finished it the quota had been filled. Mine was with another survey company but they all work on a quota basis.The information that you and I submitted was rejected on their end and was not used in their study. To all of you, please don't hesitate taking any survey connected to WhatNext. I too am a senior with a very limited income and to be able to complete something for this site and earn extra money seems like Christmas.

      3 months ago
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      Fortunately all the ones I have done have disqualified me after preliminary questions. I too would be very frustrated if I spent a significant amount of time though.

      3 months ago
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      Greg, can ACS make it a rule for the vendors that the above ideas be part of their agreement to survey people on this site? I've only answered qualifying questions for about 5 minutes. I qualified for one study that paid $200 for them to call me for a 1-hour block to ask me questions about whether I would purchase a generic chemo pill (Gleevec) which came out.

      Obviously that experience was kind of like gambling---when you have a good experience, you're eager to receive more offers.

      Moonmaiden, best wishes to you with your finances. I hope you're familiar with the usual sources we suggest, including getting info from the American Cancer Society, since they have lists of organizations that help patients.

      3 months ago
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    Ruth, your diagnosis says that you don't know if you're er or pr positive, if you are on Arimidex, then you are positive for either one or both, or you wouldn't be taking that.

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