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    Other Care (Reconstructive surgeries): total of 6 after the mastectomy and a complete revision 10 years later in 2019

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    Recent posts about Breast reconstruction. Did you get adequate counseling before surgery? What can you share to help those considering it?

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      I was diagnosed in February 2012, my surgery was not until April 2012. I must have had the best doctors. My breast surgeon sent me to the plastic surgeon she works with. He talked to me and my husband for a long time about the different options I have. Then I talked with the oncologist and then decided together with my husband and surgeon. I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. Ask your doctor a lot of questions about the different surgeries. Make a list of questions you want to ask. Best of luck to you.

      almost 9 years ago
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      I did a lot of research on my own online (breastcancer.org) for information before I made a decision of mastectomy. With that information, I already was aware that I would not be able to have a flat reconstruction and my only real option would be implants. My surgical oncologist said she felt the same way but I would need to discuss it in detail with the plastic surgeon.
      I am (or was) a very athletic person with not too much body fat. I'm having a bilateral mastectomy in 5 days. The PS said I wouldn't have enough tissue to make one breast, forget about two.
      I also knew that I would want immediate reconstruction. I want something there for me.
      My surgical oncologist said if it was her sister she would send them to this PS who was incredible to me. We saw so many pictures to help with decisions, plus spent over an hour in the office for that initial consultation. I feel extremely comfortable with my decisions. I will need a 2nd surgery for the swap out from the expanders to perm implants which will be done after chemo, most likely in June or July. Apx 3 months later she will shape nipples on. Apx 3 months after that I'll get my areola tattoos. LONG process, but the right one for me.

      almost 9 years ago
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      When I was initially diagnosed with dcis w/comedo necrosis my first breast surgeon recommended biopsy. When confirmed we did lumpectomy. Could not find dcis, marker had moved. First breast surgeon recommended lumpectomy #2. I joined our local cancer support group at hospital and young survivors breast cancer group @ Breast Cancer Options. Did not get clear margins. Had lumpectomy #3. Did not get large margins but recommended radiation with extra boost and tamoxifen. Signed up to meet with Social Worker with breast cancer experience one on one. Tried to get 2nd opinion with two different surgeons. Lots of paperwork. I went for a 2nd opinion in NY city over 1 1/2 away. He recommended at least one mastectomy. 1. I was young 2. I had dense breasts 3. I had 4 surgical procedures already lots of scar tissue difficult to detect reoccurrence 5 had comedo necrosis. Met with plastic surgeon and set a date for double MX. Then the other breast surgeon called could see me locally 45 min away. She confirmed additional reexcision is necessary did not recommend radiation until there were clear margins. She felt MRI still showed additional dcis/cancer. Two doctors agreed. My insurance only covered surgery w/DIEP flap procedure in NYC. Went to city still had dcis in 7 out of 33 segrments. Removed both breasts, fibroidadenoma in other breast. DIEP surgery was long but my body is healed after three months. Feels natural. Just had nipple reconstruction Phase 2. Nipple tattooing next in 3 months. I would definitely recommend and do all procedures again. I had confidence in all 3 breast surgeons. I trust my plastic surgeon. All nurses, drs and anesthesiologists extremely compassionate, caring and great educators and counselors. I would talk with anyone about my experience. I get physical therapy and the psychological counseling that I get to talk through feelings and decision making is valuable. This disease is not just physical it affects our whole body, mind, soul and body centers. I live every day in the moment and I am grateful for every breast navigator, nurse, counselor and volunteer I have spoke to. The greatest help comes from other non-judgemental breast cancer survivors. Thanks.

      almost 9 years ago
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    Hiya, thought I would check on you. Hows the chemo cocktail doing? Just wanted to reach out and send some happy new year thoughts. Are you feeling any better?

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    Rachel, they can have the results of that bone marrow in under 24 hrs if they want to - Do not wait!
    Many large hospitals will take care of you under their charitable trusts. Find a good tertiary care center and ask for financial aid to cover the costs. Make sure you have a good blood oncologist. What kind of cell tumor do they think you have?

    Chemo will usually take care of this - I was stage 4 and once ! started chemo it disappeared. Do not give up. Ask your nurses about counseling for cancer patients. Do you have a church you go to? Go and see your minister :-) I've also had a life filled with challenges. Remember God does not give you trials you can not handle. God bless and good luck. We are all here for you.

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      Thankyou so much for all your help!The marrow was not cancer. I made my husband call! he did the results! I have two Retroperitoneal masses and the right side one result was small to intermediate proliferation of lymphoid cells with a difuse artitcture. Immunchistochemical analysis shows that lymphoid cells are CD20 CD79a BCL-2 the polifration also contains a background of T cells which are positive for CD3 and CD5 The speciminesubmitted for flow cytometry which revealed a CD10 positive B cell non hodgkins lymphoma. That was just one tumor! That was a mouth full and I have to look all this up to even possibly understand this. I am at stage 3 or 4 I think 4 though. You are a WALKING MIRICLE!
      I have a boat load of blood work also that contains a mouth full. The type of care that was offered to me is only with this hospital So I would need to do more home work. The hospital will be admitting me so that every thing is up and up and they pick up the bills for the chemicals. The rest we need to have meetings with the social worker.The financial dept of the hospital came to me and told me not to worry they are helping.. I need to meet with them to decide what not worry means! ha!.Who pays the Dr.s then? stuff like that.Yes I looked up counciling and they have it at the hospital ..no wait that is group not counciling.They gave me a print out of councilers and I will need them. Thankyou so much again your story is exactly what I needed to hear!
      Yes Yes I do go to church. We just started Mariners church in Irvine Calif. My bible study leader that I just stared with lives two blocks from me and has just gone into remission. She and the group have been reaching out to me and the womans ministry have been calling me asking how to help?!!! This is crazy good. People helping the wounded. How can you manage with out the love of others in church? This is a safe to be. They have a cancer support group and I joined it last week I am going. The leader called me right away again?!

      almost 9 years ago
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    Loss (Body part/function): I am small framed and i now have extensive scaring. I had to change the way i dressed and it has affected my self confidence.