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    Thank you for the Easter thought
    The day after is April Fools
    The day on which I will be caught
    Flushing my port instead of stools.

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    A friend of mine is dying. His tumor is bleeding and all efforts to stop the internal bleeding have failed. Because of that chemo has been cancelled. The tumor is inoperable and because it is in his stomach, he can't eat and feeding tubes are not an option. We are making the transport and hospice arrangements today so he can go home and spend his last few days with his family, friends and his beloved 3 cats.

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      Keeping your friend, you, and all the people whose lives he touched in prayer.

      over 8 years ago
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      Praying for you, family & friends, and rejoicing with Paul as he enters into his time of rest, free of pain.

      over 8 years ago
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      WOW, doesn't that just show that sometimes people are aware enough to wait for a certain event, a family member to come see them, a particular date, or maybe in his case to go home where he wanted to be, before they let go.. I am happy he made it.

      over 8 years ago
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    nancyjac asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Chemo flashback from colonoscopy.

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      I had many colonoscopies before and after colon surgeries in 1998.I've been a mess since with colon ,small intestines problems.And now with bc ,surgeries of breast and lymp nodes,radiation treatments and chemo pills for 5 years I don't know what's causing what on /or side affects.I have many symtoms all the way around day and night.
      But it's like SueRae1 answered

      since I had all my colonoscopies before I started chemo I didn't put it together, but you're right the prep is a lot like all a bunch of really bad side effects rolled into one.

      over 8 years ago
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      Just a little hint that I got from a nurse.....go on a soft food diet 2 days before cleansing and it lessens those side effects. I did it and it worked for me.

      over 8 years ago
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      Hi nancyjac, it has been awhile since any of us have heard from you. You have been a major
      source of inspiration, caring and information. We are all missing your wise input here. Hope
      you'll return soon. Yes, I agree with you, the colon cleanse for a colonoscopy does create a similar feeling to chemo. Could you let us know how you are doing? We're here worrying about you..

      about 8 years ago
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    I am here because I am a cancer survivor, have worked in the heatlh care industry, and am a moderator on this site. I certainly don't know it all, but it is my job to make sure that people's questions don't go unanswered. I don't know off hand which question to are referring to but I am sorry you found my answer to be rude. I can only assure you that my intent is always to provide the best information that I can.

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      I don't know how/what you have done in the health care industry; however, many of your responses appear as if you simply look things up on google or wikipedia and then give advice based on that. That is dangerous!! It would be better in that circumstance where you have no frame of reference for you to allow someone else to answer or allow the question to go unanswered. As for the rudeness, there are MANY instances where you have been unsupportive and uncaring toward others on this site. Remember we are ALL battling cancer. Many on this site are learning about their cancer for the first time and are terrified. There is no need to act superior or belittle anyone for asking questions which are important to them and their health. I am a teacher. I don't allow my students to bully one another and when I read your comments that is exactly how you come off to me. Perhaps you are truly unaware of this. If that is so, then I encourage you to reread your responses before sending them and think back to when you were initially diagnosed. Then ask yourself is this how I would want to be responded to. If the answer is no, then change the response. We need to support and be there for each other no scare people away that need help. If we can't help one another then who can? However, as for myself, I would rather not have someone answer unless they truly have knowledge on my situation unless they were just offering support. I don't want someone to "google" my question and then give me their opinion. After all, I am fully capable of doing that for myself. It is dangerous to do that as some members on here are taking what you are saying as face value and it could impact their treatment. If you are not qualified to recommend a change in treatment then you should not offer it up. None of us on here are oncologists. We should leave that to the professionals.

      over 8 years ago
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    nancyjac asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Colonoscopy prep

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      I'm almost afraid to ask about your plans for St. Patrick's Day.

      over 8 years ago
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      I just had my first colonoscopy at 45, two weeks ago. The cleaning out part was the hardest part. I started the same low fiber diet/great soups on Monday and Tuesday, clear liquids and prep materials Wednesday and the procedure on Thursday. My biggest recommendation would be to prepare my skin by using desitin or vaseline I did not hear that prior and my b_tt felt like it was on fire. I definitely did great shopping beforehand apple juice, applesauce, chicken broth, jello, gatorade, lemonade, herbal tea, lots of comfy food and drink. I did relaxation exercises for the iv. The procedure did not cause me any adverse side affects. I walked the morning of the procedure and I walked after the procedure to help keep my blood flowing through my body and the anesthesia out. I did not experience gas or bloating. They removed one polyps and I had a bit of diverticulosis. I am glad I had the procedure, I wish you lots of luck.

      over 8 years ago
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      I have had that procedure 4 times and the worst part is drinking the gallon of prep. The only way I can get it down is to drink it in Ginger Ale. That is strong enough to take away the salty taste of the prep. The procedure tself is easy. Kind of like taking a nap and waking up to find everything was done. A bit tired afterwards. Good luck and I hope you have great results - both with the prep and the colonoscopy!

      over 8 years ago