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    Welcome to WhatNext, we are sorry for your need to find us, but happy that we can help you. There are a lot of great people here that have already been through what you are facing and are willing to help you get through it too. If you have questions about anything just post them on the Questions Page. Others will chime in with their personal experiences.

    If you need help navigating the site, please contact me, we are happy to assist. We also have active social pages, you may wish to search those out also. Take some time and poke around the site, there is a world of information here that you will find. The more you dig, the more you will find.

    We may have an opportunity for you to make your voice heard by allowing us to share your information with our partner Rare Patient Voice (www.rarepatientvoice.com) and be invited to qualify for surveys and phone interviews for projects that apply to you and if you do qualify you will be compensated on a $100 per hour basis. There are pharma companies that would like to hear about your experiences with certain drugs or side effects. Your information might help develop the next generation of drugs.

    For now, what is the biggest issue that you are facing? Please post what you need to know on the questions page and others will help you.

    Thank you for joining us, if you have questions please contact us.
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    ACS Voice of Hope

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    Hi NoNo. Welcome to WhatNext. There are lots of great people here. If you have any questions, please use the question tab above -- that way everyone will have access and you'll get a quicker response. I was diagnosed w/stage IV endometrial cancer in Aug 2012 and am NED today (no evidence of disease). And yeah, I can't feel my feet either. It's actually caused some knee problems, too, because it has thrown off my gait. Wishing you the best.

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    Side Effects (Nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy)): Someday’s it is so hard to walk!!

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    Welcome to the WhatNext family! The WhatNext family is made up of people like you who are looking for help or looking to help others. To help you along your journey the WhatNext family has put together a Beginner's Guide to Cancer that I highly recommend you check-out here: http://bit.ly/10BQKCi. Also, please do not hesitate to reach out to others or ask for help.

    Wishing you the best.

    Founder, WhatNexter