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    Radiation: We've finished our first course of radiation therapy. They had my husband ring a big ship's bell when we left for the last time, which was appropriate for a Marine! We now continue to wait.

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    One vertebra in spine overtaken with hormone resistant prostate cancer. Anyone care to share from their experience comes after radiation?

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      I had Sumarium as a radiation treatment - mine was too spread out to use direct beam. I never had any real problems with the treatment or pain for approximately 6 to 7 months after the treatment when it restarted we did chemo (Docetaxel) After that when the pain returned I went on the trial I'm currently on and have been pain free after the 5th day of Cabozantinib. Guess my 2 cents is that it works but is not premanent.

      Keep it positive and smile :)

      over 8 years ago
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    Yesterday we saw a beautiful Cardinal sunning himself at the clinic after radiation. The sun was just coming up and many birds were perched facing it to get whatever warmth they could. Understandable at our minus 20 degree wind chills! The Cardinal was in a green fir tree and our view was perfect to watch him. My husband and I just shared the peace of that moment for several minutes before beginning our commute back home. These times have become more and more precious as his disease progresses.

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      Hi Notwillie...new to the site and I was touched by your comment. Since diagnosis we have been trying to enjoy those quiet moments and laugh about our crazy horses and heifers. Somehow those special moments with wildlife do help. Hugs.

      about 8 years ago
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    Welcome. You will find support here. I'm new, too. My husband is in stage IV, progressing despite hormone therapy. We are mid way through a course of radiation therapy just now. Hoping and praying for you!

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