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    Decision Point (frustration)

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    Oh No (Diagnosed): Just found out tumor in my brain they have been watching for years has grown again. So which came first the kidney or the brain? I guess we will find out when they remove the kidney. Seems like its taking forever.Doctor tells you this awful news but because of holidays its gonna have to wait for what seems like forever to come out. Its been almost a month and counting.

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    nowwhattodo asked a questionKidney Cancer

    I had surgery in July and no sign of tumors. now I have two in one kidney what are the chances of this cancer reaccuring after removal

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      Cancer recurrence rates have nothing to do with you. They are simply mathematical averages of what have happened to other people 5 or more years ago. You chances are 0% if you don't and 100% if you do. The thing is, every tool for diagnosing cancer has a threshold below which they cannot detect cancer cells. So if those tools show no cancer cells, the diagnosis is "no evidence of disease". But if there are cancer cells below the level of detection, or if healthy cells again mutate into malignant ones in the future (they way you got it in the first place) then you have a recurrence. Sorry I can't answer your question, but there just is no answer.

      about 9 years ago
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      nowwhattodo, I think the answer to your question depends on whether or not your cancer is confined to your kidney or if it has breached that confinment. Only your oncologist could tell you with more degree of certainty than anyone here because he has knowledge of your disease. The question you ask is a great question and I salute you for asking it. Some cancers are more aggressive than others. Screening can be of little use to those cancers because if you are screened twice a year, within a 6 month period there are soime cancers that can develop and take root. Cancers that were not evident at the last scan or screening. Im sure your oncologist can answer that question for you and you might ask him how aggressive your cancer is as well. Best of luck to you, Carm.

      about 9 years ago
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      I strongly recommend contacting Lindsay Middleton of the National Cancer Institute about your unusual situation. Here is why:

      It's relatively rare to develop two tumors in the kidney. Multiple tumors in one kidney can indicate a genetic syndrome which often keeps coming back in the kidneys. If you have a genetic syndrome, it is extremely important to preserve as much healthy kidney tissue as possible. You might be able to get a partial nephrectomy or tumor ablation instead of removing the whole kidney. The National Cancer Institute is the leading expert on this whole subject. If they decide to treat you, all treatment and travel is paid for (but you pay for your first trip to Bethesda, Maryland, to be evaluated). NCI also might advise you on what treatment to get from your local doctors.

      You will find Lindsay to be very helpful. You can call her yourself; you don't need a doctor's referral.
      Lindsay A. Middleton, RN, CGC Genetic Counselor
      NCI Urologic Oncology Branch
      Phone:[phone number redacted]
      Fax:[phone number redacted]

      If you have non-genetic kidney cancer, if it comes back it would probably be in some other organ. How likely it is to recur depends on a lot of things: what specific type of kidney cancer it is, how big the tumors are, and how aggressive (fast-growing and likely to spread) the tumors are. You will know much more about all these issues after removing the tumors or the whole kidney. The tumors will be carefully examined to get all the useful information they can offer.

      You mentioned elsewhere that you have had a brain tumor for a long time that now has suddenly started growing. It is possible that this came from the kidney cancer if the tumors in the kidney were too small to see before now. It is also possible that the two problems are unrelated.

      Good luck to you with all this, and please do keep us posted on what's going on.................Robin

      almost 9 years ago
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    How big was your tumor

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    I would like to respond to GregP_WN with his pic of his dog. We just got a mini dachsunch and everytime I whimper or cry she comes running to lick me. And she sits on my chest and whimpers like she knows. I am the only one she does this with. I thought at she was doing this because she identified with me as being her mom but after reading your post maybe there is something more to it?

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      Hi, if you want to respond to a picture or someones post, just click on the "comment" link in blue letters at the bottom of the post and you will put your answer right under the post. Let me know if you need anything around the site, we are happy to help.

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