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    Other Care (Financial): One of the things that I have had time to do is go through all of our finances, and work out a plan going forward for my wife. We had a lawyer that we trust set us up with a financial management firm and a financial planner. Both of them went of and worked out what it would take to keep her living at our current lifestyle spending. Both came back with figures that were pretty close and easily obtainable with our current assets and insurance. We also found that there are 4 loans I had that will be paid off due to me inadvertently checking yes to life insurance on all of them , one of then was for well over 100k.

    In going through all the paper work hanging around in drawers and file cabinets we found old records with my SSN as the account number "Hello Shredder". One of these documents was paperwork on a security clearance that not only had my stuff but a whole lot more on relatives and friends. Advice here, sick or not, take the time to clear all of this stuff out a cheap shredder is worth it, I realize that my SOC goes away when I do but on a lot of older stuff like TAX returns from 1992 ...........

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    I am in hospice care moving forward the cancer has not responded to any of the study drugs and actually they were causing me other issues. After 4 hospital stays, and a bunch of really ugly days (don't remember much about July), the cancer Docs my wife and I talked and because there is nothing else we switched to pain management with hospice.

    All of the drugs they were trying only extended life by a month or two and I would rather have that time with a decent quality of life to spend with the kids. So now we take it day by day the pain management is keeping the goblins away but other symptoms are starting to surface around the cancer in my liver. Send on good vibes cause that's what is keeping me going.

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      You have a zillion good vibes headed your way! Is there any thing you need, or anything we can do to help? I hope you know we are happy to help in any way we can.

      almost 10 years ago
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    Oh No (Cancer is back/Recurred ): Once again I have stymied modern medicine., After 4 months on Tivozanib with 2 good scans the last set showed cancer in my liver and in one other place. So long story short I am off the study drug, plan B is to go to a different class of drugs that attack the cancer via another path. Got a full day of test and scans coming up to make sure I qualify for the new study if not the I will go on a generic version of what they are studying.

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      I am a 43 year old male.I had the same surgery 18 months ago.you described me to the tee.I cannot sleep.the pain gets very bad at night from laying in bed.i am being seen at M D Anderson and the are doing everything they can to no avail.what does help me a great bit is sleeping in a chair.If they can figure it out i will let you know.I was thinking i was the only one that was having this problem.

      about 10 years ago
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    Surgery Scars still pain full after 2 years.

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      I get that response a lot, or when I tell them about an issue, they say " yeah, that sort of thing will happen, you've been through alot you cant expect to be back to the way you were. It's frustrating. My latest scar still hurts, it's in my neck and has made my neck stiff so I cant turn my head with out it hurting. One surgeon told me the pain is partly from the nerves growing back to where they were, and it would stop hurting when the nerves got to where they wanted to be. Good luck to you, I hope you heal well.

      over 10 years ago
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      My name is JohnCat - Visit me at my website: www.PainAndScars.com, Contact me so I can talk with you and refer you to someone that will help you with your Pain...

      over 8 years ago
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      My mom also had a lobectomy and it's been almost 2 years but she still kept on complaining that her scar is painful. I am a physical therapist, i really wished I can used TENS with hot packs on the scar but it is contraindicated for people who had cancer so the only thing that I can do is massage it in a circular motion for good blood circulation and I also instructed her to do some slight exercise and stretching.

      over 6 years ago
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