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    Thank you to the floor nurses? Gifts, donuts? Cards? What?

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      I make it a point to tell everyone that has anything to do with my treatment, care, survival, that I appreciate them. I have heard patients in the ER literally cussing and screaming at nurses, and watched those nurses bite their lip and continue doing their job and walk out of the room without going off. I'm not sure I would have the composure to do that. I apologized to a nurse who was subjected to that in the name of all patients. I told him that we appreciated him and most do, that one lady was just mad at the world and XXX that she couldn't get her drugs as soon as she wanted. Donuts, fruit, gift cards, or anything personal that individuals would appreciate are great too. A big sincere THANK YOU goes a long way.

      10 days ago
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      I start out with a blank piece of paper and a pen. I start with the ambulance crew's names and the "run #". A week and a half ago I was rushed to the ER. By the time I eventually got home I had more than 25 names. I always send a letter of appreciation to the CEO of the hospital. I, too, have seen one of my letters hanging from a bulletin board. I'm known there for my homemade cookies (my Christmas gifts each year) so I try to do a lot of them and drop them off, and that includes a stop at the fire station. Everyone loves when apples are in season. Our town is known as the apple capital of my state. Our apple houses just opened 2 weeks ago and I've been busy making loaves of apple nut cakes. They, too, are shared with my medical staff. I think it is wonderful when someone takes the time to just say "thank you" in the form of a note or letter. I know how much that is appreciated. My only 2 nieces are nurses and I've heard all the horror stories of verbal abuse.

      10 days ago
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      I sent a really nice bouquet of flowers to the nurses addressed to that floor, ward, and station, with a nice card thanking them for their care and concern for me, my family and guests. My husband bought them at the hospital gift shop to ensure the flowers had a trouble free delivery.

      Also, it's a nicer touch to send them a few days after discharge, rather than while you are there. It means that you don't expect extra care. It means that you feel they really did something for you. I'm the type of person that finds too many thank yous sort of embarrassing.

      The head shift nurses sent me a thank you card, so I knew they received the flowers. They said- staff from all over came and swooned over them.

      Candy-gain weight, have allergies, or diabetic-and somebody takes them.
      A thank you card-greatly appreciated but can be lost.

      Too many people to buy a small and wanted gift. Anyway, what one likes, another might not like--and what if you miss the nurse that did the most for you on the first day-and that nurse took time off-and you don't get something for her/him.

      Male nurses enjoy group flowers too.

      Good luck-get better--and you have a good heart.

      9 days ago
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    I'm trying to create better memories than what I've had from the last couple of years.

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    I was feeling pretty good about the weekend, then I realized......

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