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    Being an old fart coupled with chemo brain makes me excellent at this!

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    Have any of you used Proton Therapy?

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      I've only known of a couple prostate cancer patients who had that type radiation.

      12 days ago
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      Proton Radiation was part of my treatment plan at Loma Linda. It was critical that I not move during the treatments. Most of the other patients were prostate or breast cancer. There was one person with liver cancer. I had gall bladder cancer. It is hard for me to compare with regular radiation as I have not had that. They explained to me that they could be more accuarate with the protaon radiation and there are lots of vital organs near where the target was so I think it was the best option.

      11 days ago
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      The side effects of regular radiation have left me nearly handicapped. I have had a mild stroke, lost all my teeth, have swallowing problems, and have had my esophagus stretched once, and am scheduled to have it done again. From what I have been told, this type of radiation for my type of cancer wouldn't have caused all of these side effects. But, there are no facilities around me that have it. The closest would be Nashville, and driving once a day isn't feasible.

      10 days ago
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    I am getting gradually beaten down by treatments.

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      I spent my 53rd birthday in the hospital one month before I was diagnosed. A couple of months into treatment (R-CHOP) I felt like my legs were going to buckle if I walked too fast. Prior to that I was physically strong. I could run and swim and do all sorts of things. I was four months post-treatment when I jogged to my car in the rain and realized my legs felt almost normal. The weakness really stressed me out at first, but I tried to remember it’s a side-effect of chemo and it will get better.

      21 days ago
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      Chemo drugs are tough on your body. Likely you are less active while in treatment - I know I am. I try to exercise several times a week but don't always feel up to it. Then I decided - with my oncologist's full approval - to finally have a knee replacement. So we stopped chemo even tho I have small tumors. Hopefully, they'll behave themselves until I can have chemo again.

      As a result of chemo and incredibly bad knees I don't do baths any more. I used to love them but am satisfied with showers now. That seems an easy fix to me. The lack of stamina is tougher.

      Are you able to take a short break from treatments? A bit of a vacation might make you feel stronger. I also consulted a nutritionist a few months back to make sure my diet was optimal. A few changes made a big difference in my energy level as does exercising. It's counter-intuitive but exercising makes me feel better, stronger and it actually decreases my knee pain. I saw a Physical Therapist and got a pre-surgery exercise regimen to strengthen my legs for the upcoming ordeal. It was really tough at first but gets easier every week.

      Finally, I had to recognize that I'm getting older (63 now) and not the track star I used to be. I still push too hard, do too much and have no patience. I constantly remind myself to be kinder to myself. Don't know if any of this will help you but I hope it's some comfort.

      Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year!

      19 days ago
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      Yea, I'm afraid exhaustion is a given. When my treatments were done I joined the Live Strong program at my local Y. It not only helped get my strength back but got me out and about with others that were going thru' the same thing. Check to see if your Y has this program.

      18 days ago
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    Don't get wrapped up in the car you drive and the house you live in. We all end up at the same depth in the ground in the end.

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      Very well said! One thing cancer taught me is things don’t matter. People do!

      2 months ago