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    You and I have had/are having a very similar journey. Extremely similar actually except my cancer went from colon to my liver. I would love to ask you a few questions if you wouldn't mind...i am open to anything I can help you out with as well? I know we all deal with things in our own way...would it be ok if I asked a couple of questions about your diagnosis and treatment ? I've been having a hard time as my surgery didn't go well at all and my 5 day stay turned into a 17 day stay due to massive infections. I eventually checked myself out of the hospital as I kept getting more and more infections and did a lot better healing at home. I'll leave it up to you, but I would really love to chat with you. This site is amazingly supportive.

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    Hi! I am so sorry for what you are enduring with your cancer. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated on how you are doing.

    I wonder if your doctor has ever mentioned or considered immunotherapy?


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    Hi, I was just wondering show you are feeling. Are things going well with treatments?

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    This is the big day!!

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      This brightens my day. You will remain in my prayers.

      6 months ago
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      I am so pleased for you Heather. My doctor said once that what isn't growing can't kill you so no growth is great!!

      6 months ago
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      Ìt is good news if it isn't grieving!! Make sure your doctors tell you what the genetics are of that cancer. So they know which treatment will have the biggest impact and you will be able to find out if they are not giving you the right stuff. I say this as a rectal cancer patient who had no genetic testing until AFTER my cancer came back. With my mutation they should'vebe predicted it would be back and where.

      6 months ago