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    Pattiann asked a questionBrain and Spinal Cord Tumors in Adults

    does anyone know of anyone with a Glioblastoma grade 4 which has spread to the spine? also called Drop Metastasis

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      While I cannot answer the question you've asked, I wanted to thank you for posting it. My mother was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme with Oligodendroglioma this past January. All of her doctors (and she has dozens) have all stated that this type of cancer wouldn't metastasize! Your entry is the first I've heard that it could. I now have an entirely new topic for my "Things To Research" list!

      Thank you!


      about 8 years ago
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      Dear Pattiann:

      Unfortunately, yes, GBM does metastasize even though very rarely. I would say if the chances of getting this beast are 1 in 100,000..the chances of drop mets is likely one in a million. At least that is my medical background speaking.

      IT will be hard to find someone to have GBM with drop mets given how incredibly rare it is.

      We are all here for you, nevertheless.

      almost 8 years ago
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      I had a gradeIV GBM resected in January of 06. Plenty of back pain since, and a MRI in 2008 that revealed pinched nerves, bulging discs and facet arthritis around my L3 and L4 vertabrae. What symptoms did you have before the metastasis? Thanks for the update.

      over 7 years ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (anti seizure medication): the first anti-Seizure medication my brother was on, was Kepra. He had a severe allergic reaction to that & was back in the hospital for severe panic attacks & having hallucinations.They put him on Dilantin another bad experience. Then he was put on Depokote ER that was a good choice for him. It actually made him feel better. still on it.

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    Procedure or Surgery (Surgery): surgery was 8 hours. The tumor was bigger then expected about the size of a lime! my brother was discharged in less then 2 days! And that wasn't good I stayed with my brother for a week then a friend of his moved in but I had to get him a nurse to come to the house during the day to help him out after I left to go home to CT for a little while.

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    Oh No (Diagnosed): Dec 1st,2010 ny brother was diagnosed with a GBM grade 4.primary source the brain. had surgery Jan 18,th 2011. removed as much of the tumor as possible 4 weeks later started Chemo Temador and radiation.After several weeks of this treatment Mri showed regrowth of the tumor. New treatment plan "Avastin" (tumor shrinking agent) IV method once every 2 weeks for 4 weeks, follow up with blood work after each treatment. Mri after 1st cycle MRI showed signifignant shrinkage of tumor. Started 2nd cycle of Avastin again after 4 weeks Mri showed brain is stable. Then all of a sudden my brother was experiencing pain in the lower lumbar and pain in right hip& weakness in right leg along with numbness. a week after Oct 5th he fell and couldn't get up. new MRI of spind showed the cancer spread to his spine ( Drop Metastasis) very rare for this to happen only 1% of GBM patients have this happen prognisis is very poor only a few months. Is there anyone out there that knows someone that this has hapened to! as of now the new radiation treatment isn't working my brother's overall condition is very serious.