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    Patty asked a questionBreast Cancer

    I've just been diagnosed with DCIS Stage 0 breast cancer and I am just a wreck that I can't make a clear decision.

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      Dear Patty...

      Your post is dated almost a year ago. Hopefully by this time you have decided what to do about a mastectomy, and are healing now.

      I was diagnosed with DCIS, state 0 about six months ago. Even though my tumor was on the large size, my surgeon didn't hesitate about recommending a lumpectomy. He did mention If I had chosen a masectomy I wouldn't need further treatment, though. The operation was fast (only 1/2 hour long!), but had seven weeks of daily radiation radiation ahead, in another town.
      Few side effects, and I chose no follow up hormonal therapy.

      I'm not sure why your surgeon would recommend such a drastic move for DCIS, stage 0. Have you had breast cancer before? You must have a cancer history in the family? I know women who have chosen more radical surgery just because they don't want to WORRY about it coming back, and they have reason to worry. If you are still unsure, I'd get a second opinion. The good news is that reconstructive surgery has come a long way, and may not be as bad as you fear.

      I send my very best healing wishes to you, and hope that it has been resolved, with you back on the road to recovery.

      With love,


      over 8 years ago
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      I am in the same position right now and am headed for a lumpectomy on Nov. 12. I was told that it was so small an area that was all that was needed. I have inside radiation right after the surgery and hopefully will be able to avoid the 5 to 7 weeks of radiation. But I have been told that I will need tomoxifen for 5 years.
      I /would like to know what you did do?

      over 8 years ago
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      I wish I was here a year ago. I am wondering how you are doing a year later. Stage 0 is still breast cancer. It is hard to make a decision when so much is unknown. I hope you have found a balance and a sense of peace. Text or e-mail if I can be of assistance.

      over 8 years ago
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    Decision Point: I have been on a roller coaster ride since the diagnosis. I can't eat or sleep. I woke up the other evening with night terrors and was positive that I had cancer all over my body. Luckily my partner talked me down off of that ledge. My surgeon has told me the best way to treat my cancer is with a mastecomy. I have 3 very small growths in my right breast; you can't feel them, they were detected by a routine mammogram. I am leaning toward having both breasts removed without reconstruction; and if I find this is too difficult for me, I thought I could have reconstruction further down the road. I have had friends who just had cosmetic (boob jobs) because they just wanted to have a big chest; and they've all said it was very painful. I'm just so afraid of having a part of body removed but yet I want to live without pain or having all this testing done, waiting for test results. Can someone help me get back on track, I am so scared and lost.

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      I just had a mastectomy with reconstruction (expander) on October 11th (right side only). I would say that physically, yes, it is very uncomfortable for about a month after the surgery but emotionally, I am VERY happy with my decision to have the reconstruction at the same time as the surgery (I am 45). My female surgeon & plastic surgeon both encouraged this - you have many years left of your life and even though you want to just "get it over with", losing a part of your body is very difficult emotionally (and I had very small breasts to begin with!). I would also suggest that you wait for the results of any genetic testing, etc. before making this decision. With breast cancer, unless you have a much higher likelihood of other issues due to genetic factors, the mammogram (and for me, MRI since my mammograms were all clear) will detect any changes in the healthy breast. You will most likely lose nerve sensations with the mastectomy. I chose to keep the other breast intact (unless I have a problem later on) so I would at least have feeling on one side. Initially after the surgery I also had numbness down my arm and in a larger area of my chest. Now, I have regained most sensation except around where my nipple used to be. Slow down, hang in there, take things one step at a time (don't research further than the next step you need to take decision-wise) and also know that the "feeling of having cancer all over your body" is also perfectly normal!! They found a small area of invasive cancer during my surgery which moved me from a stage 0 to stage 1 which means I start chemo next. Give your self time to cry, scream, "freak out" etc. but then go back to knowing that in the long term, you are going to be fine!!

      over 9 years ago
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      Patty i was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma as well as metastatic ductal carcinoma in my lymph nodes all on the right side im a stage III ....i have had 2 of my 16 chemo treatments so far i go once a week for 16 weeks then in march i will be having a bilateral mastectomy while the cancer is presently only in my right breast with one tumor being 9cm by 12cm and the other being slightly smaller and the fact that it is triple positive...ive decide to have them take both..no im not looking forward to how that is going to feel when i wake up and have no boobs but i do know i want to wake up and i want to be alive so its a sacrifice i am going to make for that....following surgery i will need more chemo and radiation as well as hormone meds for at least 5 years...
      and just 2 treatments in im ready to be done already but have a long road ahead..
      i will NEVER forget the day i found my lump during a routine self exam and i am so thankful that i did its not going to be easy
      if i were you i would keep in mind that the dr knows what he/she is doing they went to school for that and we unfortunately have not and we need to just have faith and trust our drs to make the right decision regardless of how hard or easy it may seem...
      i wish you the best of luck as you continue forward into treatment God bless you and just make sure you have faith in your dr to direct you in the right direction

      over 9 years ago
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