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    Oh No (I got cancer...ain't that "OH NO" enough? :-)): I was initially diagnosed with endometrial cancer then my doc said I needed a hysterectomy . They then then saw a mass on my ovary, did more studies and discovered I had stage 1 ovarian cancer! I never would have thought I would be happy with having cancer, but thank god I did because who knows when the ovarian cancer would have been detected. I have to undergo chemo for 6 months because my doc said I had clear cell cancer and we needed to ensure it wouldn't come back. Next week I am getting a port implanted then the following week I will be given a cat scan. I'm not sure how chemo is going to affect me, everyone tells me it's different for each person. I'd like to know how anyone took to chemo and how did they balance it with work? I'm very fortunate I am able to telework but just don't know how I am going to feel. Can anyone give me some insight? Thanks to all! Journey safe.

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      Hi Peligro46,
      I am glad they caught it early. I have not had ovarian cancer or endometrial cancer, so I can not help you much with that, but I did go through chemo for lung cancer. Every chemotherapy is different for each individual situation. I had Cisplatin and Navelbine, but you probably will not have that.

      Having a port for the chemo is the best way to go - much easier. You might find the book "The Chemotherapy Survival Guide" useful. It might help with your questions about chemotherapy and what you might expect.

      They will do blood tests each chemotherapy day. That is to make sure everything is as it should be. Sometimes the electrolites (minerals) are out of balance and need to be add to the infusion mix. Sometimes the blood cells are too low and need to be corrected before chemotherapy. Some of the blood tests are to check kidney function or liver function.

      They frequently give you hydration infusions before and after chemotherapy to flush away the toxic medicine. Remember to drink LOTs of water when you get home too. Also be sure to drink lots of water when you have scans to save your kidneys.

      A good cookbook is "The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen" by Rebecca Katz. It has some wonderful recipes to help fight cancer.

      Best luck to you!

      about 8 years ago
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