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    Welcome to the site, we are happy to have you with us but sorry for you having to be here. There are lots of people here with all types of cancer diagnoses. If you need to vent, ask questions, or just post how you're feeling today you can do that on the questions page, or just make a status update post.

    Don't be shy, jump in the conversations!

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    Hi Phnx253, I was diagnosed with Stage II, HER2+, ER+ IDC and finished chemo and a double mastectomy five years ago. I have been taking an aromatase inhibitor daily since treatment was completed and am doing great! I remain grateful for the research, drug treatments and healthcare teams who work so hard to provide treatment and hope. Stay strong! Best of luck to you. You will be in my prayers!

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    Hi, Phnx253. I see you're new to the web site. You have found a great resource here. There are a lot of really wonderful people on this web site - very kind, helpful, and supportive. I hope you find as much support here as I have. I bet you will. Take care.

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    Welcome to the WhatNext community! We are sorry for your reason to come, but we are happy you found us. We are a group of over 50,000 people that are either current patients, survivors, or friends and family of someone who has cancer. Questions are encouraged, just drop by the questions page here www.whatnext.com/questions and post whatever you desire, it doesn't have to be a question. Others will have feedback for you.

    If you have questions about the site, just click on my username and you will be taken to my home page where you can post a question to my wall, I will gladly pass along the information you need.

    We hope you're doing as well as can be expected, or better. Let us know anytime you need help here.

    Greg P
    Community Mgr. / Social Media Mgr.
    4 Time survivor

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    Hi,Phnx253. We have the same diagnoses, but I completed my treatment this past April. My doctors took me through chemotherapy before the surgery and that turned out well for me because my body quickly responded to chemo. But, I remember chemo(!)-I had 15 infusions. And I had all the same side effects you have mentioned except for hot flashes, but I am older than you and through menopause. My surgery was followed by 30 days of radiation. It sounds like a lot - and it was, but it worked and I feel great now. I have traveled most of the summer and am back to my regular activities. I know how discouraging it is to be facing holidays when you are tired and can't even taste the wonderful food. But this too, will pass. And soon you will be longing for the simplicity of tossing on one of those cute head covers instead of fussing with your hair. :-) Be as strong as you can, I will be praying for your full recovery.

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