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    I hope today brings you peace and joy... I have been fighting different levels of Vulvar cancer and displasia for six years now. I'm only 33 but I may have experiences that can help you. Of course I'm here if you just need to talk as well. Vulvar cancer is so rare there's not even an awarness ribbon, is girls gotta stick together :)

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    Don't have cervical cancer... have Vulvar cancer but there was no option for it :(... was first diagnosed with cin 3 in 06... CT scans in Jan 07 showed extensive uterine cancer. Had a partial hysterectomy in mar 07 during which the surgeon noticed "spots" on my vulva and perineum... biopsies showed vin 3... had a Vulvar excision in mar 07... followed by another in July 07... after several years of clear checkups I thought I was in the clear until (as if overnight) around six more spots appeared... I had lost my insurance and was forced to use the VA medical center for care... it took four months to get in and when I did the doctor dismissed my medical history (I took along all medical records) and said that it was just genital warts and preceded to use acid to burn them... I should have been more clear and insisted on biopsies but I let the illusion that my issues were over dilute my thinking. Two years later I am living in Hawaii. I again saw these "spots" I felt like something was wrong and made an appointment to be seen... the new Dr seemed very concerned and took several biopsies. Three weeks later I received the call... level three... :( they made me an appointment for the next day w ith a specialist and when I went to this "consultation" it turned very quickly into a pr-op appointment. Now I'm just trying to stay really positive because I know its nest for not only my loved ones but also for my body, but its really hard. I've had two excisions so I know how badly it hurts and narcotic pain meds don't help me... they wind me up ans depress me... I'm really scared and I feel so alone because this is such a rare cancer and especially for someone as young as me. Has anyone dealt with this? Are there treatments I should be asking about that reduce recurrence? Eeeeek!

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      Actually, we do have a vulvar cancer diagnosis. It's the very last one so you need to scroll all the way down =) No worries! You can go into your journey box and edit it, if you'l like. Please let us know if you need any help.

      about 9 years ago
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