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    Hi. I also was diagnosed with ILC on September 5, 2012. Have already had double mastectomy with tissue expanders placed at same time. Starting chemo on November 12. So, I will be a few steps ahead of you with treatment and will be glad to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability.

    I see you have a 5-yr old at 45. Similarities there also, I am 53 and have a 13-year old, my only child.

    Good luck as you work through this. I found that as I had more answers and a clear plan, things have seemed more manageable. You can do this!

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    Hello from another Georgia girl. Just wanted to reach out and offer some support. I spent quite a lot of time here as my way of coping and absorbing info when I was first diagnosed.

    My diagnosis came on September 5, 2012 -- invasive lobular carcinoma, triple positive. Any questions you have are bound to receive answers here. When is your lumpectomy scheduled for?

    I live in the McDonough area.

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    Celebration (Breast Cancer "Shower"): Some ladies from my church surprised me with a dinner out and shower to show their support. Made me realize that I have people supporting me and praying for me through this process. Everyone wore a pink ribbon; decorated tables with pink roses in silver vases . . . beautiful!

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      What a sweet surprise! Sounds like you had a great time surrounded by people who care about you! Thinking about it makes me all warm and fuzzy...*hug*. Have a great weekend powermom!!

      almost 9 years ago
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    Hi. Wondering what you decided on the surgery. I will have bilateral mastectomies on October 18. So sorry this has barged in on your retirement. I have ILC also, triple positive. Sending positive thoughts your way.

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    Hi. Wondering how you're doing. Started chemo yet? I have invasive lobular carcinoma, too; also ER and PR positive, but I am also HER2 positive. Scheduled for bi-lateral mastectomy on October 18 with expanders placed at time of surgery. So, I am just a few steps behind you in my treatment. Also, we are about the same age -- I'll be 54 in January.