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    Celebration (Finished treatment): Hello everyone, i finished my treatment October of last year
    Radiation also was done November of 2011,
    Since then I fell different I do not feel the same way I used to feel befor even I knew that I had breast cancer. I'm cancer free since then but I have a problem with my hair I used to have long black thick hair very soft and healthy when it came back it came back Curley and very thin from the front you actually can seemy scalp very easy it ad been a year since last treatment and my hair is bothering me so bad although it is about 4 inches long I still wear a hat because it looks very upsetting to me when I look at it.
    Any suggestions please
    Thank you

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      I am sorry about your hair, I know with all the changes we go through with surgery and treatment, darned don't need hair issues. I don't know why you are having the problem but a cosmetic "fix" might be a product Joan Rivers sells to shade the scalp. Might help to get a professional opinion. Who to see? Thyroid suspected? My thyroid took a hit with radiation and I am being treated for low thyroid.

      over 9 years ago
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