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    Hi, I am living the best that I can. Everyday is a bonus. I have not had any treatment for it has spred.. I am doing and planning all the things I want to do now. Hang in there. You are much younger than I. My days are fine, but the nights are difficult.


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    You are young to do through all that illness. You had to fight because of your age. I am 89 almost 90, I have lived a full life and prepared to die. I would like to do it quickly not slowly. Mother and dad both died of cancer very slowly with much pain. I do not want to put my family through that. the only good thing about it, I have dead line and can give things away.

    It is so much fun to give my jewelry and fancy sweaters and hand knits away to friends and neigjbors. I can see them smile and even get a hug which I never would receive before. I can get through the days, but the nights are difficuklt sleeping. What do I do about that???? Quita

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      Ms Quita, my mom had problems sleeping at night. Her Dr. gave her a prescription for some sleep aid that helped her get to sleep. It worked well for her. Maybe try that. I hope your doing well.

      over 8 years ago
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    I have small cell lung cancer that has spread . I have had no treatment while waiting to see what is the correct treatment.
    It is a waiting and see game. How do you manage? I am having trouble sleeping. My trouble is breathing and energy. I also have afib which is slowing me down. I have ived a full life and am prepared to die but not slowly with cancer.

    My mother and father both died of cancer very slowly and I do not want my daughter to go through that. My boyfriend just died with lung cancer also. It is following me. Please drop and not and let me know how you cope. I try to stay busy, I play bridge, and do whatever I can to keep busy, but at night when trying to sleep lately I think too much.


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    Decision Point (I was waiting for the mutation test for Tarceva but I am not a canditate.): I canot sleep. I am waiting for something to happen so I will die. My mother and father and aunt died of cancer very slowing ant I do not want my daughter to see me die the same way. They say I am too old and week to go through chemo, but it is my only choice at this point. Is it worth it for a few nire months of misery. I am ready to die. I have lived a full and good life. My affairs are in order and I wish to go quickly. I know that you cannot help with that, but I am at a cross road.