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    Hi everyone Iam new to this I have dlbcl stage 1AE outside the lym-nodes skin invovlement on top of my head close to my hair line. I was told to do 3 sessions of chemo. I only finish two has anyone ever decide not to do the full amount of chemo that they was told to do when is enough of poison going in ur body also I will receive radition on the envolve site, no tumors inside pet scan was clear.

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      There's people who go through months/years of chemo and I don't know how they do it. As much as I would love to not have another round of chemo, I'd rather get it over with now and not have to do it again later because I stopped treatment too early.

      over 10 years ago
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      Everything you do when you have cancer is your decision. If you want to stop something you stop it if you want to try something different and it will work you try it. But like Rebecca said you may just prolong things by not finishing what you started you have already done 2 whats one more. The poison is already in your body that is what you are killing with the chemo and radiation.
      Great not tumors in you per scan something has worked. Good luck to you and hope you think hard about your decisions or talk with you Dr before you make your final one. :)

      over 10 years ago
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