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    My friend just finished her surgery. Removal of 40% of her pancreas and her spleen. They found some of the mucinous tumors to be attached to other organs. They also found another mass that didn't show up on the CT scan. They are sending everything to the lab. She is on an epidural for pain and that seems to be really effective. Her incision was quite large -- nearly all the way across her abdomen -- due to what the Dr found he had to remove. How long do lab results take? If complications occur, when are they most likely to show up?

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      Hi Real, welcome to the site, sorry your friend is having to go through the surgery. You posted this as an update on your own page, if you will repost this in the questions tab at the top of the page you will get lots of response from those browsing the page.
      thanks for joining us and posting, we hope we can help you.

      almost 9 years ago
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