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    Lorilaa, while too am struggling with anxiety about the cancer that WAS in my body (there is none NOW!), I wanted just to thank you for asking this question. I'm glad I happened on it. You have received some awesome answers from some awesome survivors; there are wonderful hints here, some of which I wrote down so that I can refer to them later. This is a terrible disease, one that makes some of us quite selfish...that's okay...we all have to work thru it in our own way. Thank you to all who answered Lorilaa's question - your thoughts are inspiring!

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    Hello G-Lady, I too am in Wiscosin. Just finished treatment 2 weeks ago - had initial radiation and chemo, surgery, then additional chemo. I wish you well!

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      Wish you well-My reaction to chemo was good-Only side effect was hair loss and tired at the 3 and 4 doses-

      Good speed

      almost 6 years ago
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    Hello CAS1. Thanks for the posts and info on trials, etc. I'm not too far from you up north of Madison. You are quite hopeful and I appreciate that! Sounds like you are doing quite well with exercise! I just rode my bike up a huge hill last week . I expected to have to walk the bike up the hill, but I didn't. 3 mile ride, (Lobectomy mid March) took my dog on leash, which doc told me not to do, but I did wear my helmet - on warfarin with bloot clot, thus the advice re: no dog.
    Anyway, thanks for your positive messages and sharing.

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    Yeah for Remission! What stage lung cancer? So sorry for your loss! Also in Wisconsin!

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      My Lung Cancer was a rare form of MALT Lymphoma in my right Lower Lobe, then 9 months later another occurrence in and outside of my stomach.... During the same time periods my only Sister fought Breast Cancer and lost in Nov of 2011. Thank you for your condolences. Hope your also in Remission? I'm over due for a PET Scan..... I'm thinking of making the call tomorrow....

      about 6 years ago
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    What was stage, Paulag?