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    Radiation (External radiation ): Treatment has pretty much took my appetite away. Losing weight fast. Maybe that's a good thing. Other then that handling radiation fairly well.

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    Chemo & Radiation before a Whipple Procedure

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      I was diagnosed 2 years ago with pancreatic cancer. I went to Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo, NY. My Doctors recommended chemo and radiation before the Whipple Procedure. The way they explained it made sense. The treatments before the surgery should either kill or chase into the tumor those free floating cancer cells and shrink the tumor. Making it easier to get it all when they do the Whipple. Good Luck!

      about 9 years ago
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      That's how I did it.,chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor prior to the,Whipple.

      about 8 years ago
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      I am reading that most people used do chemo after the Whipple. In my cae, I did 12 chemo and 25 radiation sessions before the Whipple. I did my Whipple on July 11, 2017. After the Whipple, my oncologist said taht I dont need anymore chemo. I did my Whipple at Mayo Clinic. Can you give me some feedback.

      almost 4 years ago
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    Just had my first radiation treatment today. Stomach not feeling so good. No appetite. Will have 15 days of radiation with chemo once a week. Don't know what to expect from all of this. Trying to read about the experiences of others.

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      Hi Rick, I hope you're feeling a little better today. If you want to ask about others' experiences with radiation, you can post a question in our Questions section. You can do this by clicking on "Questions" in the purple bar above and then typing in the text box. I hope this helps!

      about 9 years ago
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    I just joined this site. Not sure how to navigate around it yet. I have just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In my case they want to treat it with chemo and radiation and then do the surgery. Hope this is the correct way to go since you had surgery right away.
    I am scared and have had a lot of emotion, but your story is very encouraging to me

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    Drug or Chemo Therapy

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    Oh No