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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (Chemotherapy): I am receiving only avd insurance doesn’t want to cover for brentuximab I had a reaction to bleomycin anybody there in the same situation? Not getting the proper treatment... only got abvd one time going to 4th chemo with only avd

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      I was diagnosed w Hodgkin's in 2016, Stage 4. I felt fine, had no symptoms. Weird. They started me on ABVD treatment. I had severe reaction to Bleomycin as well. My onc told me one more treatment and I would most likely die. They had to stop. I only had 4 treatments. I also had quite a significant saddle PE. I was a mess. Wbc was zero. Constant fevers. I was neutropenic all the time. Was in hospital for weeks and weeks at a time. Amazing thing is I got a miracle. After treatment was stopped, I had pet scans, multiple CT scans....it was gone. Almighty God spared my life and next month at my scan I will b two years clean. I do have issues leftover from the chemo treatments, severe neuropathy feet, legs, Afib issues, I'll b on blood thinners for life. But, I'm alive. And that's all that matters. Walk w a cane, in constant pain but alive and I'm forever grateful to God that he has given me my life back. Hang in there. It's bad and sometimes I have no idea how I got thru it. It still seems surreal, Like a nightmare. But if u can't take the ABVD treatment, u should b eligible for immunotherapy. I would check into it. God bless you as you go through this. Never ever ever give up

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