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    Hi Casey

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    Hi Pam,
    Just want to welcome you to WhatNext.

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    Helo, Good Morning, alll is good here. It's finally cooling down here, but not ready for it. I like the warm weather better. Woke up to 65 degrees in my place. To cold for me:)

    Saturday did the St Lukes Women's Fitness Celebration with my Sisters of God. It was awesome. I am alittle sore. It's been awhile since I did this. It was nice cause I got to know my sisters. we laughed and enjoyed the day. I love my pastor and sisters, they are awesome. I always have lots of laugh when we together.

    Feeling so good that I am ready to get back to my exersise routine once again. Hopefully I can stick to it this time:):)

    Next month, I go to CTCA to get my radiation treatment. I am kinda confused with my next appt. they have me sceduled for a consultation, which I thought I already had. waiting for a call to see what's going on.
    Now i'm headed to the YMCA, joined the LIVINGStrong program,( i recommend.) we have a trainer and the group is small. today is my second day. feeling good about it.

    Hope everyone has a Blessed Day!!

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    I am so happy for you:) God is a blessing and Makes Miracles happen:)

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    User: Therose

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    Hi Therose,

    It has been awhile since I have been on. I've been fighting recurrent colon cancer for over 17mos now. I saw that your from Arizona. I'm going the GoodYear, CTCA. I decide to get a second opinion. And finally the treatment I'm getting there is helping me. I put all my faith in God. Anytime I am feeling sad or concerned, I remember all he has done for me and the strength he has given me. No one knows what it like till you been through it, right:) I have had the love and support of my family, I feel very blessed.

    I'm so happy to hear you are cancer free whoa!!! Praise Jesus!! I pray that your Health will continue to get better. God Bless you:)