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    rosemarie asked a questionThyroid Cancer

    cancer marker is raised after two years from 1 to 3

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      I'm not familiar w/this type of marker. What is the number where everyone should start worrying? With endometrial, it's CA125. If it's under 35, all is good with the world. This type of marker can also show a false positive with, for example an infection. Would your type of marker show a false positive as well? If so, I'm hoping that's what it is for you. Wish I could answer the more specific questions for you. Good luck!

      over 4 years ago
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      Are the lymph nodes in the area of your thyroid gland? I have nodules on my thyroid gland that are being monitored and did not know that lymph nodes are located near the thyroid gland.

      over 4 years ago
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      I just had my thyroid removed Jan 11, 2017. Also removed several lymph nodes in area. I had two large nodules on thyroid that were cancer so doctor took entire thyroid and nearby nodes. I've had a dbl mastectomy and hysterectomy so this surgery was very easy compared to those. I was feeling fine 3 days later. I had a husky voice for a week or so and my neck was swollen but not sore. I took only two Vicodin at home and didn't need any more. My markers were at 4, so had it all removed. I'm on Synthroid now and have had no problems. My scar is red but flat. I stayed overnight simply because of my age; 63. Which I found silly, I run marathons and outrun 30 year olds. But rules are rules. LOL

      over 4 years ago
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    We are close I think... I am in Desert Hot Springs. Had a biopsy for several cysts which came back negative, so I am breathing easy at the moment. However, some people on this site have had similar diagnoses which showed later cancer. Where are you in
    your treatment? This site is helpful to figure it all out. Holding you in love and prayer.

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    Hang in there... it seems like the worst is over and there is no other way to go except up! Holding you in love and prayer.

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      I'm definitely holding tightly to my faith! Thank you so much!

      over 8 years ago
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    Hang in there... my prayers are with you...
    Sister Rosemarie

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    Welcome! Hang in there... we're all in this together. I am about where you are in the journey.. Blessings