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    Hello RosiB. Wondering how you are doing? It has been a while.

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    Question: What to expect?

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    RosieB asked a questionLung Cancer

    What to expect?

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      I was on Carboplatin, gemzar and avasitn. Carbo really does a number on your bone marrow. You may wind up with low white or red blood cells, and your platelet count may be effect as well. I received anti-nausea medication and steroids before my treatments. I also got a prescription for compizine and emend to help with nausea at home post treatment. I was lucky, and never needed them. I found that ginger tea and candy was all I needed.

      Healing vibes, and best of luck.

      over 3 years ago
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      Alimta is a breeze. I had it as adjuvant treatment. ( after all treatment is done) Did not loose my hair and its excellent at killing LC..I had 4 round of Carbo and Etoposide. Etop is considered pretty brutal.

      For me it was a breeze too..But I lost all my hair head to toe. I also made sure that they reduced all my steroids because I never had a moment of nausea. Takes an atomic bomb to stop me from eating.

      But some people don't loose hair with Carbo. And its easier on the rigging in the ears versus Cisplat but are equal as far as success with LC.

      I used bottled water 9 always recycled all of them) so I could keep track of my fluids. I really like the Nestle brand and my goal was 10 bottles per day. Not one bottle less. Took them in a cooler to treatment visits so I could maintain.

      And I took probiotics doubled up on them for the week before and after chemo as you can get constipated from it. You must eat very very healthy during this time and use Hydrogen peroxide on everything and hand sanitizer constantly. And everyone around you must do the same. Stay out of public places too.

      Everytime you get that Chemo close your eyes and command it to seek the cancer cells in your body and kill them. My mantra was. Dear lord thank you for this healing treatment coming into my veins. In your name I command this chemo to find the pestulance that has entered my body and kill it. In your name I ask you to command this chemo to kill the cancer that is trying to harm me.

      I had a 65% reduction in size of my tumor and by the time I had surgery all cancer was dead anyway. Dear Lord give the Doctors the tools to cure my cancer and to cure it for everyone else too.

      I did the same at radiation and I set up I cons of our lord next to me while I took treatment. It brought me comfort and healing.

      Hold onto hope..never let go. We have 1,300 compounds in clinical trials for LC

      God bless.

      over 3 years ago
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      Like BuckeyeShelby said, everyone is different. They told me I would be sick and lose weight. I got sick one time and I gained 20 lbs on chemo because of the steroids they insisted I needed. The worst side effects I had were lack of energy and muscle pain, especially in my legs. Massive doses of B-6 will help the fibromyalgia. I'm talking like 500 times the USRDA. B-6 is a water soluble vitamin, meaning it does not go through the liver and you won't overdose on it. Any excess will just be eliminated by the body. You should begin taking it a couple of weeks before beginning the chemo so it will have a chance to build up in your body.

      over 3 years ago
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