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    Welcome to our community! You can get a lot of good feed back from the community or if you just need to talk and vent, we will listen.

    I am 73 DX with Stage IV NSCLC metastasized to brain in 2012. Lobectomy done and was given 1-2 yrs of Quality of Life only. Onc said I would never be in remission or cured. I began Tarceva Oct. 2012 and it kept me stable until the middle of 2017. I tried Gilotrif then Iressa without anything positive happening. Began Tagrisso Nov 2017 and it has me stable once again.

    I am glad you are here.

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    Welcome to WhatNext...This is a great community with lots of info and helpful people. Were you Stage IV 11 years ago and has it returned?

    I was dx a little over 5 yrs ago with NSCLC metastatic to brain. Had Lobectomy in 2012, was given a yr with only quality of life. They said there was no cure and no remission for me but I was put on a targeted theraphy and it worked for about 5 years and now I am on another one and praying it will work as long or longer. I am 73 EGFR positive but probably changed to T790M.

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    Question: Clinical trials

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    I gave Greg my email address for your friend...Tell her when she emails to be sure and tell me who she is and mention your name also.
    Hope it works...

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    here is my email for Edithhitch [email redacted]

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      you will have to disguise that email for the system to not redact it. try it like this, greg @ Whatnext . com just put a space in between each component of the email.

      about 1 month ago