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    Hello...I was directed to your page by Greg. I understand that you have some experience with Tagrisso. I am an oncology RN and I have a young patient, mother of 3, who is about to be switched from Tarceva to Tagrisso. She asked that I ask others of their experience with this drug. She just found out she has metastases to the brain. Can you assist me with this information? She is not on this site, nor any support site for that matter. Thank you for your most precious time in this matter.

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    Welcome to our community! You can get a lot of good feed back from the community or if you just need to talk and vent, we will listen.

    I am 73 DX with Stage IV NSCLC metastasized to brain in 2012. Lobectomy done and was given 1-2 yrs of Quality of Life only. Onc said I would never be in remission or cured. I began Tarceva Oct. 2012 and it kept me stable until the middle of 2017. I tried Gilotrif then Iressa without anything positive happening. Began Tagrisso Nov 2017 and it has me stable once again.

    I am glad you are here.

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    Welcome to WhatNext...This is a great community with lots of info and helpful people. Were you Stage IV 11 years ago and has it returned?

    I was dx a little over 5 yrs ago with NSCLC metastatic to brain. Had Lobectomy in 2012, was given a yr with only quality of life. They said there was no cure and no remission for me but I was put on a targeted theraphy and it worked for about 5 years and now I am on another one and praying it will work as long or longer. I am 73 EGFR positive but probably changed to T790M.

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    I gave Greg my email address for your friend...Tell her when she emails to be sure and tell me who she is and mention your name also.
    Hope it works...