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    Oh No (Diagnosed): My sister has a lump in her breast not sure what it is. She has just had a clear mammogram. It is now 3 months in to this 2 lumpectomy and centennial node positive for cancer. They did not get the margins clear. So now they are going to place a line and start chemo on Monday Aug 30th. Then they will do mastectomy after chemo. Is this unusual? Does this happen often? Is 3mo a long time to draw this out? I am very worried for her.

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      Hi Rush, I'm sorry about your sister's diagnosis. It sounds like you have a lot of questions, so I am going to suggest that you post them in our Questions section. You can do this by clicking on Questions in the purple bar above, and your question(s) will be routed to those most able to answer them. Please let me know if you have any questions.

      about 9 years ago