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    Hey SandiA,It's Mark again and depressed-Ugh! I'm 2-months finish/last Opdivo but still feeding Intravenous TPN-nutrition bag home now but was(Gastritis-2-week hospital) still trying to beat the Nausea , little/no appetite and No taste buds, how long did yours stay turned off?

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      Hi Mark! I am so sorry to hear this. Was hoping you were feeling better. I lost my taste buds but with the radiation. It took probably about a month to return to normal. I never really lost my taste buds with the opdivo. Every side effect I dealt with they treated with steroids so I had the opposite problem. I wanted to eat all the time but then if I added pain pills to it I wanted to eat and didn’t at the same time if that makes sense. I know when I couldn’t eat I found instant breakfast or smoothies went down better with a straw. Not sure why but it helped. It may be worth putting out a question to the WhatNext community. Even though they don’t necessarily have melanoma a lot of them have dealt with nausea, loss of taste buds and very similar issues. There might be some people out there with good suggestions. I do know there are some that have done the intravenous feeding. Praying for better days ahead. Sandi

      11 days ago
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    Today marks five years from my melanoma stage 4 diagnoses. Feeling blessed. Beating the odds

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      Congratulations! :-D

      11 days ago
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      Praise the Lord and break out the Ben and Jerry's.

      7 days ago
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      congrats, I hope I get to say that soon!

      7 days ago
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    SandiA asked a questionSkin Cancer - Melanoma


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      Congrats Sandi. You are alive and so helpful to all of us!

      14 days ago
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      Congrats! A major milestone. And yes, you are a better and stronger person than before - despite any lingering side effects.

      A certain number of folks look at me rather strangely, and one or two have called me names, but I can honestly state that cancer has become a blessing. Without it, I would not have the appreciation for waking up each morning that i/ do, would not have gone places, met people or had the experience of interacting with other patients. There is more, of course, but that is the gist of it. I hope to provide encouragement, as I was given a 0.5% chance of surviving the past 11 years.

      14 days ago
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      Happy anniversary, SandiA! Many, many more! I wonder if anyone ever forgets the day of diagnosis. Hoping those days recede far into the past for everyone.

      12 days ago
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    Question: Anniversary

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