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    where can I find good info on how to care for chemo for breast cancer. I mean practical info from others with who have undergone chemo.

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      How can I help you? I had Adriamycin/Cytoxin and Taxotere, dose dense, 4 cycles of each, every two weeks. It took 4 months.

      over 8 years ago
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      I had dose dense AC 4 cycles, T with Herceptin 4 cycles, it took 4 months. I injected with Neupogen for 7 days post chemo, it wasn't fun to inject daily but it kept my blood counts up. That way I never had an infection and did not delay treatment.
      I drank a lot of water, especially the day I had chemotherapy, and subsequent days. That was following medical advice.
      Breast Cancer is one of those cancers in which you're likely to gain weight during chemo, unless you're getting dose dense (my case, I just lost a couple of pounds). Nutrition is important, but I found that the smell of any meat and all kinds of other foods made me super nauseous. Plus my stomach got sensitive (this is despite the antiemetics I was given, it would have been real otherwise).
      I made the not so great choice to eat ice cream, tons of it, I could taste it and it made me happy (didnt gain weight). I did have stomach issues from eating ice cream, as I became lactose intolerant during chemo (it is the gift that keeps on giving).
      During my worst eating times I got by on apple sauce. I then graduated to bananas and rice. Animal crackers were ok too.
      The 3rd day after chemo was the worst, things got better by day 5. I usually scheduled day 3 to be a Saturday. The AC treatments progressively depleted me (hemoglobin down to 9 by the 4th round), it got better after that. I found the weekend before chemo was due I felt good and could do things. I went to the beach then and slathered on SPF 50, and lay under an umbrella just enjoying the breeze. Despite those precautions I still burned a portion on my leg quite badly....chemo makes you very sensitive to the sun.
      Lost my long hair the day my second chemo was scheduled. Hair came bak 1.5 months after my last chemo. At the very end my lashes and brows fell out. I used rogaine to make the hair come bak faster.
      I treated my scalp with the same wash I used on my face and put SPF on it, despite the fact thati was wearing scarves. I liked the scarves made of silk. They were nice and soft against my skin, and were cool in the heat yet protective in an AC environment. By the time winter came I had some hair and was going topless. I think something warmer than silk is probably good in the winter.
      Overall, just realize that this too shall pass. That you're not alone, and many have amen tis journey before you.

      over 8 years ago
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      How can I help. I am currently undergoing infusion treatment for Metastasized triple negative breast cancer. Listen to your body, stay as active as you can, I take Pilates once a week, it's very gentle and helps me stretch and move my all of my body. I try to get massage and energy work the day after my treatments, it really helps with my emotional and physical healing.

      If you need finical help I can send you links to organizations that provide grants, etc.

      If you have not gotten a port, I recommend that you do. IV infusions several times a month will cause your veins to become fragile. By the time I got my port installed my arms were black and blue, and they needed to try 3 times to find a working vein for my last IV.

      This site, Breastcancer.org are two excellent places to get info. I don't know where you are being treated, but they may also have resources that can help.

      over 8 years ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy: not started yet. expect to start Jan 2013. Diagnosed in September. Right breast mastectomy in December. why is it taking so long to get treatment?

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    Oh No (Diagnosed): Had routine mamo end of august followed by more mamo and ultra sound of right breast. biopsy mid September. 2 days later got shock, diagnosis ductal carcinoma, lympho-vascular involvement, er positive, grad 3. very numb. started reading. more time elapsed. had genetic counseling and testing. Bracha 1 & bracha 2 negative thank G-d. time passed. find recommended breast surgeopn at hospital far from where I lived. Talked about right breast mastectomy & sentienal lymph biopsy. Several weeks letter saw plastic surgeon. The only option appropriate for reconstruction was implants. Had mastectomy Dec 3 2012. 1 lymph node removed was told it was negative. two days after surgery breast surgeon called and told me the one lymph node was positive for micro metatsis. will require further dissection of lymph nodes in future. Went to see hemotologist-oncologist at veterans hospital ( I am a disabled veteran[phone number redacted]). Given Chemo schedule. will see another hemotologist oncologist. Jan. 4 Then I must decide very very soon where to have chemo

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    Oh No (Diagnosed): shocked, scared surprised but always felt I was going to get cancer. Many family members have had many different types of cancer. I had watched them die