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    What to do when you loose your job due to cancer?

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      while I was dealing with my cancer,, I signed up for the FMLA,, that protected my job,, They could not terminated me while I was on leave. Even my daughter signed up at her job,, protecting her as my care giver,, so she could take time off to take care of me. I was off for over 3 months,, and when I went back,, all was ok,, I didn't loose any time, pay, or benefits, now I might not have gotten paid for time off,, I had used all my sick time,, but at least I knew that I would still have a job when I went back.
      good luck to all.
      Look into the Family Medical Leave Act. for any of you or any one you know that's still working.

      9 months ago
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      You can get SSDI even if you're not stage IV. I was dx stage IIIA and stayed with that dx even after a local recurrence. What you can do is apply for SSI. It's a lower amount you can receive until you're approved and start receiving SSDI. Even if approved for SSDI, it starts 6 months after your application date. FMLA does not apply to contract jobs. Do you have health insurance? If not, then you should apply for Medicaid.

      9 months ago
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      Cards7up, I meant not to "depend on" SS disability approval if you aren't Stage IV, so she wouldn't stay home. It depends on your ability to work and if you and your doctor furnish documentation as they request on the website. I believe SSI is only for low income patients.

      FMLA only applies to places with 50 employees or more, which is a good reason to look for jobs at larger places.

      The ADA applies to people working for an employer with 15 employees or more. Since it's about discrimination and being rude, I thought there might be a chance a contractor could use it. (?) It also says to call one of their EEOC field offices to determine that.

      Here's government ADA info and a list of other government resources:

      Government info specific to cancer:

      Please let us know what you find out. Best wishes.

      9 months ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (Chemotherapy): Its scary but its important to research and be proactive about the type of cancer i have and every drug being administered. I also researched the suppliments that would help fight off the side effects of the chemo.

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