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    My wife's brother has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastasized throat and maybe lung cancer and has a large tumor on his neck that cuts off the flow of oxygen and blood to his brain. Just spent 6 days in hospital after passing out in ER and finally getting admitted into Maricopa County Hospital.

    Our dilemma is her brother is 56 and lived at home for most of his life has no job, no healthcare and no money (no federal aid at all yet). He has no social life and is border line paranoid-bi-polar....The parents are 88 and 90 that he lives with and are not in good health. My wife is near a nervous breakdown and I have no idea how to get her or him the care they need.

    The brother will most likely not follow through with any treatment plan even if one was available. Anybody no where I can turn for help?

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