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      I don't know what was explained to you but in essence, a cystectomy is the removal of the bladder. A neobladder is a pouch created with the small intestine. There will be a hole in your lower tummy, a small one, and you will use a disposable catheter to empty that internal reservoir. At first, if I remember correctly, you empty it every 2 hours. Then the time increases to 4 - 6 hours. It is much better than an ileostomy. Best of luck to you and I have attached a helpful link, Carm RN.


      about 9 years ago
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      My daughter had a very similar operation to this when she had her bladder enlarged to prevent damage to her kidneys. The then connected her bladder to the outside through her belly button where she uses a catheter to drain her bladder. The operation went well, but she ended up with some wound problems that took a while to heal. Other than that she really enjoys the freedom of being able to empty her bladder easily. She does have some problem with bladder infections but I think if you use clean precautions you should be ok.

      One more thing. Since the small bowel has mucosa, it still makes the same mucous even if it's your new bladder. Your urine will take on some interesting consistency at times.

      Best of luck for your surgery and your healing journey

      about 9 years ago
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