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    This is going to sound stupid? But where can I chat with other people for support. I need to talk to someone?

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      You may ask anyone here for support as well shell. I am a stage IIB survivor and you can email or message me anytime. I see its been a few months since your question, but it's never too late for support. I hope you are doing well.

      almost 9 years ago
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      I had the same problem. I was diagnosed when I was 25 and didn't know anyone my age going thru the same things as me. It was a lonely time, and I reached out over the internet and even just read other people's stories. They made me feel less alone and more part of a community, rather than all by myself.

      almost 9 years ago
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      If you're a Facebook user, ask to join The Teal Ladies.

      It's a very active closed (no one outside the group can see you're a member of it or what you post there) international gynecological cancer online community. They have subgroups for various stages (from pre-cancer to stage IV) and treatments, it it's full of smart and inspirational women,

      almost 8 years ago
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    Loss (Sense of peace): Just knowing I'm going to lose my mother so quickly. I lost my sense of peace. With working full time and having this on me. It feels like i have no time or peace. I constantly worry with having to call in all the time to help with my mom. I have FMLA which is good. Now i have to take a Leave of Absence to take care of her. I just feel like I'm losing a part of me. And it's upsetting.

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      I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my mother to Alzheimers and I know what you mean about the caregiving, time off work, etc. It was an extremely difficult time for me as well and when you're dealing with time off work, etc., it is difficult to get the understanding and cooperation of others who do not have a vested interest in your problems. After being told by my boss to just deal with not having the time to go see my mom, I realized that if I didn't take the time now, there wouldn't be time later. But regardless, there were a lot of regrets and "shoodas" because I didn't really know what I was doing other than trying my best to take care of her. I would suggest being as open and honest about what you are going through and letting others know what your needs are. I think you'll find them to be more concerned and willing to help once they are aware of your plight. And definitely find some avenue of support. Hospice was my anchor when I lost my husband to cancer. I hope this helps at least a little.

      about 9 years ago
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    Decision Point

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    Oh No (Cancer has spread/Metastasized): My mom has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. We found out too late. she was just diagnosed in June. The Cancer has spread viciously and she is now Terminal.